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*(Obviously we don’t want you to actually, literally, kick ass, or you’ll get fired!)

by Stuart Allen @Stu_RAYEnglish
Ray English TEFL Recruitment, China

5 Ways to Kick Ass* in Your First (or 10th) EFL Job

By Stefan Kloo (originally posted to Flickr as April10 001) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Moving 6,000 miles to a strange land to start a new job is daunting enough. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few simple rules to follow that would pretty much guarantee success at your new job, whilst allowing you to have fun?

Well, strangely enough, that’s exactly what we have here – 5 of the wisest tips culled from years of experience living and working abroad. Everyone we spoke to (OK, about five other experienced TEFL-ers) wholeheartedly agreed that these five tips will give you the most value.

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By Katie Baxter
Guest blogger from

If you’ve been hanging out in online TEFL forums, you’ve probably wandered across a conversation about whether you really need a TEFL  qualification. It’s a natural enough question; after all, you may well be planning a career in teaching because you can’t afford to travel without working. And the truth is, in a couple of countries you can secure a teaching position without a TEFL qualification. The question is – do you really want to?

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