How to Find Jobs for TEFL-Certified Teachers in Japan

By Amy Woodbridge

Nikko, Japan

Want to use your TEFL certificate to find a job in Japan? Teachers with TEFL certification usually choose one of two major routes:

  • Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) jobs in public schools
  • Instructor positions in private language institutes

Working as an ALT

Assistant Language Teachers may work in elementary, junior high, or high schools. English classes in Japan are headed by a Japanese teacher of English, with a native English speaker as an assistant.

ALTs may find that their roles vary depending on their school or their head classroom teacher. Some ALTs focus mainly on helping students with English pronunciation, speaking, and listening, while others take a more active role in planning lessons and teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

A typical school day will last from approximately 8:30-3:30, and ALTs will normally teach anywhere from 3-5 periods in a day. Most ALTs find that they have several free class periods, which they can use to prepare for upcoming lessons.

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Useful tips for EFL teachers in Madrid.

Useful tips for EFL teachers in Madrid.

The advice given is aimed at those of you who are considering EFL work in private companies as opposed to a more academic environment such as a school or college.

In spite of all the bad economic press Spain has received recently, there’s no doubt that EFL teaching in Madrid is still alive and kicking. With a population of over six million people (province of Madrid) and home to as many multinationals as you care to name, Madrid is a great location for a serious EFL teacher looking for interesting work.

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