ESL teacher for Greentown Early education center Ningbo

at  Greentown Early education center Ningbo
Location Ningbo, China
Date Posted November 20, 2018
Category EFL/TEFL/ESL - Teacher/Instructor
Ad Type Job


Why choose Greentown Early education center Ningbo? We distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

1. A competitive salary and contract. A first-year teacher earns 15000-18000 RMB a month teaching 18-21 hours per week. We provide raises and increases to vacation days for staff returning for a second year.
2. Advancement opportunities. Greentown Ningbo is the place to be if you have aspirations to develop as a teacher, senior teacher or academic manager. We want teachers to stay and grow with us as long as they'd like. Now we already have a Canada girl teacher.

3. Support and training. Our senior staff coach teachers in their ongoing development. Upon arrival, each teacher gets three weeks of paid, hands-on, intensive training tailored to their class schedule. Also we have officer help you do the visa and work permit things for you to work in China.

4. Excellent resources. We develop course guides and training documents in-house to meet the needs of our teachers and students. Every teacher has plenty of supplies, digital resources, and props for games. Small class sizes (10 students max), multimedia-capable classrooms and bilingual teaching assistants make it easy to be successful.

5. Central locations in a great city. Convenient buses, subway lines and a public bicycle rental program mean almost nothing in Ningbo is more than 20 minutes away.

6. No imposed living conditions. Yes, teachers’ pay for their own apartments, but our teacher welfare officer locates accommodation for teachers in their price range. This means no forced roommates, curfews, run-down school-owned apartments or isolated neighborhoods outside the city center. With the salary we offer, there’s plenty left after rent for our teachers to live very comfortably in Ningbo, travel around Asia, and pay back student loans.

7. An 8,000 RMB contract completion bonus after a year. It's easy to travel or get home. Every contract is a year.
8. Two consecutive days off.

How to Apply

Please send me your CV via:
Wechat: 13586906402