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Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date Posted January 25, 2018
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Collaboration between Teaching English Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City and the Australian International College of Language based in Queensland, Australia, means that candidates for teaching jobs in Vietnam and existing teachers who want to upgrade their skills, can now complete an Australian Government accredited, internationally recognised TESOL certification course in Vietnam.

Our TESOL TEFL program in Vietnam provides the qualifications and hands-on experience you need to secure high-paid English teaching jobs in Vietnam and in other countries. Our TESOL TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City comprises 150 hours of in-class study over 4 weeks – including 20 hours of hands-on, practical classroom experience with real English language students involved in ongoing study programs.

Course Aims

Our TESOL certificate course exceeds internationally accepted standards for training prospective ESL teachers. The course has two principle aims: (1) to certify and prepare trainees for rewarding teaching jobs in Vietnam and elsewhere; and (2) to provide prospective and existing ESL teachers with innovative and creative teaching methods.

The partnership between Teaching English Vietnam and AICOL means that our TESOL TEFL students have the opportunity to complete the practical component of the TESOL in Vietnam program working with ‘real’ Vietnamese students who are in the process of completing various English language programs. Thus, they will acquire the appropriate set of skills to qualify for teaching jobs in Vietnam.

In addition to teaching ‘real’ students during the course, our TESOL TEFL trainees work alongside experienced teachers who are also TESOL TEFL graduates. Experienced teachers are a great resource. They have learned what works in a classroom and what does not, salary rates, employment conditions and other important considerations for people who are seeking teaching jobs in Vietnam.

Course Objectives

The ultimate objective of our TESOL in Vietnam program is to accredit aspiring TESOL TEFL professionals with an internationally recognised and accepted qualification for teaching jobs in Vietnam and other countries. After completing our 4-week course in Ho Chi Minh City, you will be:

• Highly proficient in delivering an interactive and fun learning environment;
• Fully adept at managing a classroom;
• Cognoscente of the principles of language use and analysis;
• Knowledgeable about teaching theory and its practical application; and
• Skilled in identifying learning difficulties and developing and implementing responsive action plans.

Ongoing Support

We will ensure you get all the support you need during the TESOL TEFL course to make your experience enriching and memorable. The support Teaching English Vietnam provides to students who enroll in the TESOL TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City continues long after graduation. Even after our students fill teaching jobs in Vietnam, if they need our help or advice, we will be there!

There is no doubt that our TESOL TEFL in Vietnam course is intensive and challenging; but it is also immensely rewarding. There is a lot to learn in 4 weeks. You will be taught the skills set that will allow you to ‘hit the ground running’ as a TESOL TEFL professional educator and secure the best teaching jobs in Vietnam and in other parts of the world.

If you would like further information about our TESOL TEFL program, Ho Chi Minh City or teaching jobs in Vietnam, please email the Managing Director of Teaching English-Vietnam, Peter Goudge: .

How to Apply

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