*Update 09/03/2015*

We are currently looking for TEFL teachers who have spent time living and working in the following places to write detailed country guides for fellow TEFL teachers: Italy, France, Russia, Thailand, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. To find out more about the the standard we are looking for please check out our country guide for Vietnam.

If you’re interested in blogging for us please first read our article guidelines below. We generally only accept blogs from people who are working or have worked in the TEFL industry.


Must be between 500 and 3,000 words long.


Must have a fitting title that is over five words long and in title case (Every important word capitalised).


Must be completely original and your own work. It also must not be published elsewhere, including on your own personal blog (although you are welcome to link to it).


Must be factually accurate.

Well Written

Must be reasonably well written – free from spelling and grammatical errors, intelligent, succinct, make sense, and be reader friendly.

No Sales Pitches

The articles are for information purposes and must not be ‘salesy’. Therefore, please do not mention other schools or TEFL job sites, commercial tourist operators etc.


The articles are there to offer advice and useful info for those browsing the website, so be sure that they focus primarily on advice/teaching techniques and tips that would be beneficial to other TEFL teachers/aspirants.

Point of View

These may be written in the first person (if experience based), second person (if providing advice), or third person if it is an informative piece.


We would prefer it if you could include your own images (ones you have the right to publish). If this is not possible, we will source images to go with the post.


We would be happy to provide a link to your blog or twitter account. Please include the details next to your name in the byline.

Time Commitment

Including research, most articles should take between 1-4 hours to write as they are not particularly ‘in depth’.


We pay £7.50 per 500 words. Bloggers are paid by PayPal or bank transfer (if they hold a UK bank account) once we receive their invoice.

To submit your blog for consideration or to discuss blog topics we currently want to publish please get in touch with Jon at jon.duckett@tefljobsworld.com