Colombia: A Tale of Two ELTs

It was the best of classrooms, it was the worst of classrooms. With its snow-capped sierra and arid desert, Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, virgin rainforests and sprawling urban jungles, unimaginable wealth and abject poverty, Colombia is a country of contrasts. Similarly, your time teaching English in Colombia will be punctuated by highs and lows. To […]

Summertime and the Living is ELTeasy

Last summer I learnt something that I wish I’d known all those years ago when I first started out as a traveling English teacher. Now, because teachers find it practically impossible not to share our knowledge, I’m going to pass this valuable secret on to you right here. More years ago than I care to […]

Everything you need to know about Teaching English in Myanmar

Myanmar is an enchanting and mysterious country that has a tumultuous background. Formally known as Burma, Myanmar has been isolated from the rest of the world for the last twenty years due to inner political turmoil. Recently Myanmar has opened it’s borders and joined ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). They are a nation on […]

China’s New Visa System: A Guide to Obtaining a Legal Working Visa

For years now it seems that China has long been one of the best and most popular options for teaching abroad, and it’s easy to see why; the vast landscapes, the fascinating mix of ancient cultures, the world-class cuisine, and of course, the professional opportunities. Chinese demand for foreign teachers over the last twenty years […]

Granada: A Magical Destination for English Teachers

What’s Granada like? Granada is a remarkable city. It’s not particularly large (around 240,000 inhabitants) but it’s full of things to see and do. The Alhambra Palace, a Moorish citadel, is the main attraction, but part of the joy of Granada comes from simple pleasures: strolling around the winding streets with the distant sounds of […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching English in Costa Rica

Back in naivety of my youth I dreamed of working in a paradise of golden beaches and Celeste, cloudless skies where I’d teach English to kids on the beach wearing flip flops and bermudas, then fall asleep against a coconut tree for a siesta at midday.  In reality ESL teaching is not quiet like that […]

Going to the desert – life as an English teacher in Saudi Arabia

When I took the CELTA and dared to dream of the many foreign lands I would travel to with my qualification, Saudi Arabia was not on the top of that list. In fact, it wasn’t even in the top ten. That was over three years ago, and still I live in this hot, sandy and […]

Teaching English in Brussels, Belgium – A TEFL Teacher’s Story

What brought me here? When I started my 5 week TESOL course back in 1997 I had no idea of the journey it would enable me to take. I was certainly not aiming to be teaching in the capital of Europe several years later and at that point, nor would I have chosen to be […]

EFL in Spain: The Lowdown

If you are contemplating moving abroad to teach English, and fancy a dose of la vida loca, Spain could be just the place for you; a country with a knack for being ridiculously successful at sport, a dedication to good food and drink, and where to fiesta until the very early hours is the norm […]

Is Thailand the Right Teach Abroad Destination for you?

Whether you have tired of the 9 to 5 office life, or you’ve just graduated from college and have no idea what to do with your English degree, something has drawn you to the possibility of moving abroad to teach English in Thailand. After all, who wouldn’t want to move to a place nicknamed the […]

A Guide to Living and Teaching English in Turkey

I loved living and working in Turkey.  It is a fascinating country that merges both Western and Eastern cultures which makes life there both more challenging and interesting.  I also enjoyed working in both Ankara and Istanbul which are very different from each other. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.  Most of the jobs […]

Sun, sea and superbock – teaching English in the beauty of Portugal

Lisbon slopes down towards the sea, and following the hills to their natural conclusion you can stand in the flat expanse of the praço do comércio and gaze out across the Atlantic at the seemingly never ending expanse of sun, sea and sky. In comparison to dusty Spain, Portugal seems fresh. Although on the edge […]

The Ins and Outs of Teaching English in Thailand

How do you define the intense assault on your senses that is Thailand? It is vibrant, crazy, impossibly romantic, quirky, hilarious, spiritual, – and corrupt.  There are many countries, which can claim these adjectives as theirs, but in Thailand you get to experience all of them every day, and it is the intensity of this, […]

TEFL Teacher- Who are you and why are you here?

Teaching English is one of the biggest and most important industries in the world. TEFL teachers help shape communities, help us to have an increasingly globalized world and help build the leaders of the future throughout the globe. Yet despite this, we know relatively little about who these people are!

Teaching English For Laughs IN IRELAND

As I flew into Dublin in 2011 after teaching in Japan for 11 years I was naturally excited with the prospects of a new life in my own country. I’m from Northern Ireland and don’t speak Gaelic, but had no fear of culture shock for the first language spoken here is English. Previous visits to […]

Finding a TEFL Job in Ecuador: The Lowdown

  So, if you’d like to teach English in Ecuador you must first ask yourself some fairly searching questions…namely are you a beach bum, a mountain lion or a machete wielding jungle explorer? The good news is that Ecuador, despite its small size, is perfectly formed and offers all three distinct terrains for you to […]

What to expect while teaching English in Kuwait

Typical working conditions Kuwait is a Gulf Arab country at the western edge of the Persian Gulf. Known for the Persian Gulf War I of 1991, it is a member of OPEC and has one of the highest wealth per capita of any country. You might think that there is a great deal of money […]

The Essential Lowdown for Teaching English in China

Sitting on a plane headed for Shanghai in September 2011 the same thought ran through my head over and over… “Am I totally insane?”. This was quickly followed by another thought, “Well if I don’t like it I will just turn around and come back.” Fortunately for me and my husband we DID like it, […]

The Phone Interview versus Reality

By Neil Root Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience. You get the job abroad over the phone usually. Very few language institutions will travel to the UK to interview you (except perhaps Middle Eastern universities who recruit in bulk and the JET programme), and even fewer […]

Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Vienna

Vienna the City Vienna is charming, delightful and appears regularly among the top 5 cities to live in worldwide. Vienna embraces the new world in ways that often surprise newcomers (e.g. the Live Ball, Conchita Wurst, Rainbow Parade) whilst cherishing its Imperial past. Yet Austria has been governed by Socialists for decades.

An Expat among Expats: Life as a Teacher in Makassar, Indonesia

The prospect of working abroad can be a nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing experience for a lot of people. Uprooting one’s life and leaving behind a support base of family and friends is a life-changing decision, but one which my girlfriend and I decided to make in the summer of 2013. After completing our 120 hour TEFL […]

The excitement and adventure of teaching English in Chile

Chile means adventure. Safe enough for you to be spontaneous, exotic enough to excite – Chile is the perfect place to earn some cash, live reasonably well and, once acclimatized, travel further into the wilder parts of South America. Persuaded by a friend, who was travelling with me, I borrowed $1000 and booked a flight, […]

Travel Insurance for UK TEFL Teachers Working Abroad

Travelling away from the UK to teach English abroad is hugely exciting, with a myriad of new professional, travel and cultural experiences to be enjoyed. There are of course, the inevitable practical arrangements to be made before you jet off, including getting any inoculations that you may need, packing your suitcase – and also – […]

A Guide to Teaching English in Tunisia in 2015

Background In the past four years, Tunisia has gone from “where’s that?” to “where it’s at” in the Arab world. The Arab Spring of 2011 began in Tunisia and culminated in the establishment of a democratic government there. This feat prompted The Economist to name Tunisia “Country of the Year” in 2014 and earned it […]

Advice for Female Teachers in Saudi Arabia

Like a great many teachers, my application to teach in Saudi Arabia was made on a whim.  Facing another year of professional uncertainty, my credo was: ‘apply and see what happens’.  I was more than a little surprised when within a week, and without any ‘official’ interview I’d been offered a teaching post at the […]

Teaching and Travelling in and around Surabaya, Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast archipelago comprising more than 17000 islands.  With a large variety of languages and cultures in addition to volcanoes, beaches, valleys, jungles, mangroves and cities to explore, what better place for a TEFL teacher to spend a year or two? Surabaya is Indonesia’s second most populous city, and is home to several […]

My cyclo adventure….in Vietnam

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City in 2006 with plans to achieve 3 long-held goals: 1. set up a brilliant ‘teaching English to speakers of other languages’ (TESOL in Vietnam) program; 2. ride a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi; and bizarre as it may seem; 3. to take a day trip […]

Humour is International: Breaking Down Cultural Barriers in the Classroom

By Neil Root Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience. As in life, the greatest tool when teaching abroad you have to overcome difficult situations is humour, whether in the classroom or in your free time in that country. There will be times – every teacher working […]

Top 5 Destinations to Teach in Eastern Europe

For EU citizens teaching English in Europe is an easy way to start a new life overseas. The beauty of being able to work anywhere in Europe visa-free makes applying for jobs overseas nice and simple. However, for native English speakers from the likes of USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia – things are bit […]

Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Vietnam

As the plane began it’s descent into Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi, my breathing was shallow and my palms sweaty. The ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign lit up and I gulped. Loudly. No, I am not a nervous flyer. In fact, I quite enjoy flying. No… it was much more terrifying than that. Making the decision to […]

Teaching English in Nepal: What I Learnt

There’s been a growing interest from travellers to volunteer as teachers for quite some time now. Only a decade ago, school leavers would simply laze around on the beach in South East Asia, or grab a cheap rental car and speed around the Australian coast; but now, the younger generation are turning their hands to […]

Teaching English in Mexico – A Guide

So, you’ve gained your TEFL qualification and started processing which area of the world you want to start making a difference in, am I right? If money is not your main desire, but fascinating culture, mind-blowing food, incredible people and insanely confusing political situations are…then Bienvenida Mexico! From the hot and dusty cartel controlled areas […]

Lesson Planning for TEFL Teachers: The Ultimate Guide

Is it late at night and you feel at your wits’ end? Are you tired of coming up with new ideas for all your lessons?  Here are a few tips to find ways of providing your students with useful activities that will cater for their needs and interests; and best of all, they do not […]

Teaching English in South America: Is It Possible?

Rio, Buenos Aires, Quito… ahhhh starting a new life teaching English abroad in South America sure does sound tempting! If, like thousands of other TEFLers, you are longing to make the big move to South America then you’ll need to make sure you get clued up about how to make it happen! Done the ‘TEFL […]

Taxis – your best friend or your worst nightmare

Every person who has travelled a bit has a taxi story to share. Over the past 30 years or so that I’ve been travelling, I can safely say that I’ve heard a taxi story from every continent. I’ve heard some shockers in Vietnam where I live and work nowadays, but equally, I’ve had my own […]

How to get work as an English teacher in Buenos Aries, Argentina

Buenos Aires may seem far away from the main English speaking cosmopolitan centres but it certainly has an English speaking oriented mentality. Raging from English-Spanish bilingual schools to high standard Teacher Training Colleges, the opportunities in Buenos Aires are sure to cater for any teacher of English looking for a challenge. Teaching Adults In order […]

So, you want to teach English in Vietnam…

The Vietnamese Government is very focused on improving the quality of English language teaching across the country. Unlike a number of countries in South-East Asia – Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia for example – the days of the ‘backpacker’ foreign English ‘teacher’ have largely finished in Vietnam with more hoops to jump through to be […]

FIVE mistakes TEFL teachers first make on the job

by Stuart Allen @Stu_RAYEnglish Ray English TEFL Recruitment, China Five small things which will help you in the first weeks It is both a little daunting and very exciting making the transition from being a CELTA or CertTESOL graduate to actually flying out to a new country to start a new life as a TEFL […]

Teaching English in Morocco – The Inside Scoop

By Thomas Hollowell Many wouldn’t leave their home soil in an attempt to work abroad without first having a job in hand – especially if that place is Morocco! The financial burden of the plane ticket alone makes this risky business. Nonetheless, a decade ago, this is exactly what I did. I first started by […]

How to Find Jobs for TEFL-Certified Teachers in Japan

By Amy Woodbridge Want to use your TEFL certificate to find a job in Japan? Teachers with TEFL certification usually choose one of two major routes: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) jobs in public schools Instructor positions in private language institutes Working as an ALT Assistant Language Teachers may work in elementary, junior high, or high […]

Useful tips for EFL teachers in Madrid.

The advice given is aimed at those of you who are considering EFL work in private companies as opposed to a more academic environment such as a school or college. In spite of all the bad economic press Spain has received recently, there’s no doubt that EFL teaching in Madrid is still alive and kicking. […]

Taking a 2nd Look at the TEFL Job Market in Hungary

More than anywhere, Hungary seems to be a land of surprising contrasts, and the TEFL job market is no exception. On one hand there’s the bureaucratic employment legislation, a wobbling economy and an unfavourable tax system which do little to encourage language schools to take on teachers full-time. On the other hand, there are the […]

Powerful Tips For Teaching Young ESL Learners

Anyone who has taught children knows that it can be both a joy and a burden at the same time. Young learners are at an important stage of mental development where learning tends to come naturally and easily. However, they can also be rowdy and uninterested in learning anything. When adults sign up for English […]

EFL Teachers’ Technological Professional Development

In this blog post I will try to explain why teachers (for the specific case of my research: EFL teachers) need to develop their skills in using technology in a pedagogically sound way. I will start with providing information on the technological changes that we have experienced in the last few decades and how it […]

9 Things You’ll Discover About Living in Hong Kong As a TEFL Teacher

So you’ve got yourself a TEFL job in Hong Kong! Firstly, well done! Secondly, we’re INSANELY jealous and thirdly we thought we’d share with you 9 things you’ll discover about living in Hong Kong! 1)      It’s Cantonese! Brushed up on your Mandarin all ready for your new adventure in Hong Kong? Well you better get […]

Top 5 TEFL Island Destinations!

If you live in the UK you might be wondering whether you should even bother bringing out your summer wardrobe, locating your flip-flops or wiping the dust off your sunglasses… it doesn’t look like summer is happening this year! Hands up if you fancy moving to a tropical island to teach English instead? Read on […]

The Lowest Paying TEFL Destinations 2013

What’s tempting about a low-paying TEFL destination? Well, if you’re after the big bucks… not much, but, if it’s the lifestyle, the experience, friends and the cultural experience you get at the end of it then low-paying TEFL destinations definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. It is important to bear in mind that there is a difference […]

ESL Forums – should they be taken seriously?

It seems to me that many of the ‘forums’ attached to English as a Second Language (ESL) websites have become the playground for people who purport to be teachers, but exhibit behavior more in-line with what you’d expect from your average, ‘garden variety’, school-yard bully. Visit almost any ESL ‘forum’ world-wide and you’ll see an […]

What to expect when living abroad

There is nothing that can prepare you for the first time you live abroad. It will probably be the most daunting, exciting and brave decision you will ever make, even if you are well travelled. As a traveller you will step off the plane with a clear idea of the things you want to see […]

Travel Opportunities for People Teaching English in Thailand – Part 3

Here’s part three of our very quick and very selective guide to some of the best travel opportunities for people teaching English in Thailand. This article covers the southern parts of Thailand including The Andaman Coast and the Lower Gulf. Read part two here. The South While the south doesn’t have huge teacher hubs like […]

Travel Opportunities for People Teaching English in Thailand – Part 2

Here’s part two of our very quick and very selective guide to some of the best travel opportunities for people teaching English in Thailand. This article covers Bangkok and the surrounding areas of central Thailand. Read part one here.

Travel Opportunities for People Teaching English in Thailand

An ever increasing number of people are choosing to up-sticks and spend some time teaching English in Thailand. Most of these TEFL opportunities exist in three main areas: Chiang Mai and the North, Bangkok and Central Thailand, and the more touristy areas of the South. So if you fancy teaching English over in Thailand, or […]

5 Things You’ll Discover About Living In China

By Helen Hargreave When you think of China, what do you associate it with? The Great Wall, Peking duck, the Terracotta Warriors? These are all common things that spring to mind when you think about one of the most popular TEFL destinations on the planet. However we all know that visiting a place and living […]

Cultural Sensitivity When Teaching Abroad

By Neil Root Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience. When teaching in another country EFL teachers are the guest of that culture, and no matter where it is there will be different customs, beliefs and cultural expectations. This varies greatly – in most European countries the […]

Adapting to an Alien Culture & Language

By Neil Root Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience. EFL teachers are usually adventurous people, and one of the main reasons people do the job is to travel and broaden their experiences. It can be thrilling and massively rewarding, and develop your character greatly. But it […]

5 Things to Expect From Your EFL School’s Facilities

by Clark Nielsen, author of Yes China! After working at multiple schools in China, I’ve switched gears and am now teaching in Thailand, facing many of the same obstacles and noticing similarities on a regular basis. Namely, the school facilities are almost identical. I think a lot of us EFL teachers go with the naive […]

What To Pack For Your TEFL Adventure

by Helen Hargreave What to pack for your TEFL adventure a) depends on where you’re going b) depends on your packing style! Personally, I am what you call a TERRIBLE packer! More often than not I will end up FREEZING in my chosen destination because I forget that just because I’m on a two week […]

Teaching English in France: What You Need to Know

By Barrie Smith The prominence and impact of French history, culture, fashion and cuisine on global history and society has made France one of the most popular destinations for English language teachers from the UK in recent years. With a fantastic climate and some of Europe’s most enticing cities, it’s not hard to see why […]

4 Activities to Keep Young Students Engaged

By Helen Hargreave Guest blogger from Young students need to keep busy. Fact. Games which involve lots of interactive options are a great way to get young bodies and minds active and ready to learn! Here are 4 games we’ve taken from the selection available in our pack to add to your list because, […]

Navigating Air Travel in China – Be Careful

by Jason Luong Besides taking a high speed train, the next most comfortable and convenient way to travel across China is to take a plane. Buses are extremely dirty, crowded, and uncomfortable. It gets worst when you have migrant workers sitting next to you who obviously haven’t showered in over a week. Booking a car […]

The 5 Top African Cities to Teach English

By Geraldine Mills Africa is a continent of multiple languages. Unofficial records tally it to about three thousand which are then classified to several major language families. While many African countries live in poverty, there are nations that have been experiencing economic growth. This, in turn,  has seen a great demand for qualified English teachers […]

Making Friends in China – Expats? Locals? Migrants?

by Jason Luong Do you really want to get to know China? Or are you just hear for a good time, and then it’s time to head home? Don’t shortchange yourself. Make friends with the Chinese! Don’t spend too much time just hanging out with your co-workers or other English teachers. Sure, you’ll learn a […]

How much Cash can I Make while Teaching English Abroad?

By Helen Hargreave Guest blogger from Being a TEFL teacher will not make you a millionaire, I repeat, you will not be stacking up on Gucci; this is no millionaire-creating career. However, you will earn something much more valuable – the opportunity to live and work all over the globe doing something which is […]

Cell Phone Service in China – Getting a Local Number

by Jason Luong Read Jason’s previous post about Finding Housing in China. You’re going to need a phone in China. Don’t bother bringing your Sprint or Verizon phone out here. They won’t work. Instead, bring an unlocked GSM phone here where you can just use a local SIM card. If you already have AT&T or […]

Ways to Keep Safe While Teaching English Abroad

By Helen Hargreave Guest blogger from If you’re about to head out to your new TEFL job you’re probably 1) very excited and 2) packing like a maniac. However, in all the excitement about new opportunities, amazing experiences, life-changing adventures etc etc. It’s easy to forget the most important thing – your safety. I […]

TEFL Teaching in Deepest, Darkest Peru

by Jess Feehan Jess Feehan works for Real Peru Holidays As we all know, TEFL can be a great way to see the world, and Peru is one country that’s on most people’s bucket list. Whether it’s trekking to lost Inca cities, exploring the Amazon rainforest, or just enjoying tropical beaches, it’s one of those […]

The Pillars of Debate; essential in the EFL classroom

by Luan Hanratty “Time spent arguing is, oddly enough, almost never wasted.” ~ Christopher Hitchens Is this quote any more applicable than in the language classroom? Of all the activities I have used and enjoyed, debating has to be one of the most active and beneficial. Setting up a debate creates a dynamic and spontaneous […]

Finding Housing in China – Know the Differences

by Jason Luong You will live in luxury. Maybe not by your standards. But to millions of migrant farm workers moving into the cities for work, your living quarters will be considered a luxury much more than an arm’s length away. Welcome to China, where you will automatically have a luxurious home! You have options. […]

Getting Over The Grammar Fear

by Clara Harland Eight years ago, I decided to make the move into TEFL. Even now, when asked whether this decision was the result of a vocational epiphany, I have to reply sheepishly that, no, I ended up as a teacher by accident and in the process stumbled across a job I loved. I made […]

Working as an English teacher in Cape Town

by Ryan Mackie Cape Town is fast becoming a popular city for foreigners wanting to learn English. This has resulted in an influx in English teaching schools in this picturesque city. These schools not only focus on the English language but combine classes with business techniques and travel experiences that make the most of South […]

The Top 5 Cities for TEFL Teaching in Brazil

by Dan Clarke Dan works for The Real Brazil With Brazil’s increasing economic clout and rapidly-growing middle class, the demand for qualified English teachers in Brazil shows no signs of abating. Whether it’s business people in Sao Paulo, or diplomats in Brasilia, more and more Brazilians are looking to either learn English from scratch, or […]

How to Get Your First TEFL Job Abroad

by Amy Harris Start with a TEFL course TEFL courses are an ideal way to combine a love of teaching with a desire to travel. Courses are usually short and inexpensive and can lead to fantastic opportunities for living and working in different countries, cultures and environments. Once students complete their course, they are usually […]

Traveler Alert: The 3 English Teaching Scams to Avoid

by Allison Lounes You just graduated college, you loved study abroad, and you want to travel the world to escape the horrible economy. And to get by, you want to teach English. Great! As a native English speaker with a degree, in most cases you already have 100% of the qualifications you need to teach […]

How to Get an English Teaching Position as an Immigrant in Israel

by Mihaela Schwartz A name often mentioned in newspapers’ headlines, Israel is also a country with a high immigration rate mostly because Jewish people from all over the world are encouraged to relocate to “their fathers’ land”. Once they commit to live here, at least for a medium term period, they are granted Israeli citizenship […]

Teaching Large Classes; Advantages and Challenges

by Manjusha Nambiar Teaching a large group of students is not as easy as teaching a small group. However, due to shortage of space many ESL schools are forced to offer large classes. A large class may consist of 50 or more students. Whether you teach a small class or a large class, an ESL […]

Can I still teach English abroad if I don’t know the local language?

By Katie Baxter Guest blogger from The simple answer is yes. You really don’t need to have a full grasp of the local lingo to be an English teacher overseas. In fact because schools expect students to be fully immersed in the English language, it’s frowned upon for English teachers to speak the local […]

Five Essential Things EFL Teachers Should Bring to China

by Clark Nielsen, author of Yes China! 1. A laptop You will need a computer while you are in China, whether it’s to look up new teaching ideas or to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Now it’s possible your school will provide a computer for you. It’s also possible that said […]

Inspiring EFL Students Without Breaking Your Back!

by Elliot Lord Author of TEFLing Without Resources (except this one!) Sometimes, when you open the course book to see what you need to go through next, you get disheartened by the presentations or exercises on the page. Despite using good quality books most of the time, I would still come across this situation many […]

5 Ways to Kick Ass* in Your First (or 10th) EFL Job

*(Obviously we don’t want you to actually, literally, kick ass, or you’ll get fired!) by Stuart Allen @Stu_RAYEnglish Ray English TEFL Recruitment, China Moving 6,000 miles to a strange land to start a new job is daunting enough. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few simple rules to follow that would pretty much guarantee […]

Do I need a TEFL or TESOL qualification?

By Katie Baxter Guest blogger from If you’ve been hanging out in online TEFL forums, you’ve probably wandered across a conversation about whether you really need a TEFL  qualification. It’s a natural enough question; after all, you may well be planning a career in teaching because you can’t afford to travel without working. And […]

How to Create a Great TEFL CV and Grab a Fantastic TEFL Job!

By Katie Baxter Guest blogger from Follow these simple rules and you’ll soon have a glowing CV/resume that’ll make employers weep for joy! Remember that what seems acceptable back home in a CV is not always the same when applying for TEFL jobs over the other side of the world!

Tools of the Trade: Top 5 Tools for TEFL Teachers

by Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Before I headed off to the south of France to teach high school English, I read and read as much as I could to know what to pack and bring with me. Not just tee-shirts and sandals, but teaching materials too. You may not be completely certain of […]

Essential Equipment for an English Lesson

By Katie Baxter Guest blogger from So you’re going to spend a year abroad teaching English? Full of enthusiasm, you pack your bags with tons of books, resources, teabags, so that by the time you’ve finished packing, you’re three times over the maximum luggage weight allowance. Or perhaps you’re a travelling teacher who has […]

Teaching English in South Korea – Part Four

Part four: South Korean celebrations and festivals. Part three: Seoul by day and night Part two: South Korea’s culture and character Part one: Being a TEFL teacher in South Korea by Jonathan Last @JonathanLast1 Author of Teaching English with Chopsticks: TEFL from the Frontline Winter Despite its Buddhist heritage and the large number of temples […]

TEFL Teaching – Do you have what it takes?

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Teaching your native language in a foreign country, sometimes located halfway around the world, to very eager and not so eager students can be an arduous task. My time teaching high school English in France was a very rewarding and key life experience for me. I loved where […]

Teaching English in South Korea – Part Three

Part three: Seoul by day and night Part four: South Korean celebrations and festivals. Part two: South Korea’s culture and character Part one: Being a TEFL teacher in South Korea by Jonathan Last @JonathanLast1 Author of Teaching English with Chopsticks: TEFL from the Frontline Seoul has a population of 10,500,000 and is one of the […]

Teaching English in South Korea – Part Two

Part two: South Korea’s culture and character Part one: Being a TEFL teacher in South Korea Part three: Seoul by day and night Part four: South Korean celebrations and festivals. by Jonathan Last @JonathanLast1 Author of Teaching English with Chopsticks: TEFL from the Frontline Korean geography Because South Korea is a small country (around the […]

Social gaming, new or old, doubles as an excellent learning experience

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Classic word games are given a digital renaissance. What’s old is new again, essentially. For many smartphone and tablet users, digital word games have become all the rage lately. Players of younger and older generations alike are whipping out their gleaming phones to play games such as Words […]

Teaching English in South Korea – Part One

Part one: Being a TEFL teacher in South Korea Part two: South Korea’s culture and character Part three: Seoul by day and night Part four: South Korean celebrations and festivals by Jonathan Last @JonathanLast1 Author of Teaching English with Chopsticks: TEFL from the Frontline South Korea is one of the most popular Asian destinations for […]

Conquer the TEFL job search with social media

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika With the aid of technology and innovation, teaching styles and language lessons are becoming more and more intriguing, involved and exciting. New technology is giving us ever-evolving, creative ways to teach what we love. But, in order to be able to teach and inspire others, we’ve got to […]

The ELT Landscape in China

by Stuart Allen @Stu_RAYEnglish Ray English TEFL Recruitment, China Without question, the country with the most TEFL jobs in the world right now is China. Whereas most countries in the world are suffering economic hardship, China really is flying. Jobs here are plentiful, unemployment is almost non-existent, and the expanding Chinese ELT industry is worth […]

Teaching in a metropolis? Relax and regroup by getting back to nature.

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Some teachers thrive in large urban metropolises, enveloped by a city that is constantly alive and buzzing. Other teachers relish living and teaching in the peace and serenity of a smaller, calmer town. I personally, enjoy big-city living, energized by the lights and sounds and the hustle and […]

Teach English in Ecuador: Ideas for Teachers

By Grace Chinn Grace is an EFL Teacher with 2 years’ experience teaching in Peru, Australia and Scotland. She is currently travelling and looking for teaching work in Latin America. Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but don’t let that fool you, it packs a mighty punch.  With the Amazonian jungle, […]

British English versus American English: It’s all the same, right?

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika When you’re thinking that the inclusion (or lack thereof) of the letter U in words such as colour, flavour, neighbour is totally normal, depending on which side of The Pond (aka the Atlantic Ocean) you’re on, you know you’re debating over a British English spelling versus American English […]

10 essential suitcase items for TEFL teachers

By Erin Critchley Guest blogger from So you’re going to teach English as a foreign language are you? Heard about the wonders of getting paid to teach and travel and want to be prepared? Maybe you’re about to board a plane to TEFL town and are squeezing and squashing the last of your prized […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika You’ve been living in a new, exciting, stimulating land for months or years. The sights, sounds, smells, people and adventures have all been new and invigorating. Then, it’s all over. Your contract is up, your visa has expired, and it’s time to head back home. Arriving home and […]

Teaching English in Colombia

By Grace Chinn Grace is an EFL Teacher with 2 years’ experience teaching in Peru, Australia and Scotland. She is currently travelling and looking for teaching work in Latin America. If you believe the hype about Colombia, it will either be top of your list of places to visit, or top of your list of […]

Six Priceless gems you’ll take from teaching English Overseas

By Erin Critchley Guest blogger from Some tailor made clothes from Vietnam, The latest gadgets from Japan, designer clothes from China…it’s great to pick up souvenirs along the way but what about those that can’t be bought? Put your money away…this one’s covered!

Clothing Crossing Cultural Divides

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Simply put on some clothes, any clothes, and you’ve already spoken volumes about yourself without uttering a single word. Teaching around the globe obviously gives TEFL teachers new opportunities to experience and learn about new cultures; clothing is one avenue with which to do so. An article in […]

Teaching English in Hong Kong Part 4

Hong Kong Celebrations and Festivals By Lindsay Varty Hong Kong’s population is a cosmopolitan cocktail of nationalities and cultures and the city prides itself in respecting and celebrating all of these traditions. In other words, there’s always an excuse to party! Here are two of the biggest events of the year:

TEFL can Further your Career

By Erin Critchley Guest blogger from The ever increasing demand for English teachers throughout the world has seen many take advantage of the chance to use their skills and change lives by teaching English overseas, however with competition for jobs at home ever increasing many who chose to take this leap often harbour a […]

Teaching English in Hong Kong Part 3

Hong Kong by Night By Lindsay Varty Renowned as a ‘city that never sleeps’, Hong Kong offers a wide range of activities for all you avid night crawlers. Shops stay open till 10pm so it’s never too late to pick up a few more items for a new wardrobe. Pop down to the Tsim Sha […]

Teaching English in Hong Kong Part 2

Hong Kong by Day By Lindsay Varty Hong Kong prides itself on offering a little bit of something for everyone- whether its huge shopping malls with every luxury brand under the sun you’re after, or quaint little boutiques and back street art-jamming sessions that you desire. But here are a few of the city’s biggest […]

Teaching English in Hong Kong Part 1

Hong Kong- Asia’s World City By Lindsay Varty Hong Kong is a fascinating cosmopolitan city bursting with life, lights, entertainment and of course, people. This tiny pinprick of a city in the South China Sea is made up of two main parts: Kowloon on the mainland and Hong Kong island, and has a whopping population […]

English Language Learning goes Social with the Aid of Social Media Outlets

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika For many around the globe, young and old alike, social media is proving to be a new gateway to information discovery and sharing. Today, Facebook isn’t just for catching up with former classmates and Twitter isn’t just for reading the latest breaking news or celebrity gossip. These social […]

Teaching English in Ukraine

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate There will be thousands of football fans heading to Ukraine for the European Championship this summer, but could the Eastern European country be a popular destination for you for other reasons? Kyiv is an awe-inspiring city with a whole range of fantastic experiences to offer the keen […]

Give Back to the Community: Start an English Club in Your School or Town

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Teaching a multitude of English lessons every week can be anything from invigorating to exhausting. But if you see that students are hungry to learn, and you are eager to be creative and teach students in yet another exciting way, starting an English Club at your school or […]

Teaching English in Beautiful Budapest

By Lindsay Varty Located either side of the Danube River, lies Hungary’s capital and arguably the most beautiful city in Europe. Budapest has been voted one of the most livable cities in Europe and it’s no surprise why. With its stunning architecture, rampant history and buzzing atmosphere, it’s a prime location for TEFL teachers. There […]

Teaching English in India

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate India is an incredibly diverse country to visit with a multitude of people to meet and experiences to be had. There are a variety of landscapes: from incredible golden beaches to snow-covered mountains, which loom over the country and impale the skyline. The serrated mountain tops create […]

How I Created Holidays Around the World

By Kori Czuy An ESL Professional, with 8 years’ experience teaching, consulting and adventuring in over 50 countries worldwide The repetitive jingle of a popular Christmas tune, stirred me from my festive slumber. It did not evoke feelings of excitement nor joy at this ungodly early hour, but it was its mechanical, eerily creepy feel […]

5 Tips on How to Productively Manage Your Time as a TEFL Teacher

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika This post was inspired by Inc. Magazine’s recent article, “7 Things Highly Productive People Do.” Whether or not you agree with its points, I believe that there are some worthwhile tips mentioned, which can be easily transferred to the life of a TEFL teacher. Some points that have helped […]

Teach What You Know Best – Your Hometown and Your Hobbies – To Expose Students to a New World

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika For many of us teachers, stepping foot on foreign soil, in a country located thousands of miles (or kilometers) away from home, possibly even on the other side of the globe, can be a shock to the senses. We must readjust ourselves – our thinking and our ways […]

Teaching English in Croatia

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Based in Southern Europe, Croatia offers a wide range of pleasures to suit the timeless and the trendy. The Southern coastline offers fantastic scenery, with magnificently calming blue oceans and the wide ranging archipelago of islands, which are an amazing sight. All-encompassing mountains covered in vegetation create […]

Invaluable advice to consider before you venture off the beaten ESL track

By Kori Czuy An ESL Professional, with 8 years’ experience teaching, consulting and adventuring in over 50 countries worldwide To work overseas in general will always be a feast for the adventure appetite; a tickle in the curiosity oblongata; a point of conversation on the CV; and, as always, a healthy ripe bank of stories […]

Holidays: Inspiration for Teaching about Cultures and Diversity

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika No matter which cultural background you come from, each one is brimming with holidays throughout the year that can serve as great teaching tools with which to teach about a culture, its history and diversity. Major holiday celebrations on the docket in December for many people around the world […]

Teaching English in Panama

By Grace Chinn Grace is an EFL Teacher with 2 years’ experience teaching in Peru, Australia and Scotland. She is currently travelling and looking for teaching work in Latin America. Dubbed as one of the most developed and safest countries in all of Latin America, Panama is a great option for those who want the […]

Teaching English in Bali

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Bali is a small island, (you can drive around the entire island in one day) that offers big experiences; whether you’re looking for a relaxing journey where you can enjoy the picturesque beaches and calm blue oceans, or you’re a party animal looking to jump headfirst into […]

Raising Classroom Engagement and Learning via Game Play and Creative Instruction

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika Learning through playing games and other fun activities, rather than reading books and listening to lectures, is a welcome change of pace for many students. Incorporating music into lesson plans can be a good way to learn creatively. Many types of music work well, although I caution you […]

From Brazil to the World: A Teaching Certificate is your Passport

By Daniela Pesconi-Arthur Being an English teacher from Brazil and having always worked there, I was happy with my English degree. But I had dreams of travelling the world. I had dreams of using the English language in other places; with different people. The ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching)  is a certificate for […]

4 Steps for a Successful TEFL Career: Part 4 – Continuous Professional Development

By Eduardo Santos @eltbakery Good professionals are aware that learning should never stop, and it’s no different for English teachers. Professional development must be seen as an ongoing process for TEFLers who are willing to be successful. With the explosion of the internet in the past decade, access to information has increased tremendously for the […]

Teaching English in Berlin: Burst Through the Wall

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin is regarded as one of the best European destinations in terms of culture. A relaxed and tolerant city, Berlin offers exquisite museums, theatres and opera houses to visitors. Furthermore, Berlin is one of the leading cities in the […]

My adventures and tips for teaching in rural, obscure and fascinating ESL job locations

By Kori Czuy An ESL Professional, with 8 years’ experience teaching, consulting and adventuring in over 50 countries worldwide It was a humid hot March morning on the equator, and I was driving through the jungle to one of the schools where I was mentoring.  By this time, I had been working at this job […]

Note to Self: Lessons using Rap Music generally aren’t Best at Teaching English

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika As a teaching assistant, you’ll find yourself ‘testing the waters’ so to speak time and time again: figuring out which lesson plans work for you and which ones don’t. I’ll try to save you some grief by mentioning that rap songs (like Estelle and Kanye West’s “American Boy”), […]

Teaching in South Africa: A Magical Linguistic Escape

By Tammy Reed Connect with Tammy on Facebook This nation is a treat, not for those hungry for cash flow or any such materialistic plenitude, but for those craving experience. South Africa is a handsome, sport-loving, sociable and incredibly versatile country. The controversial historical and political past is no reflection on its warm and friendly […]

Teaching English in Poland

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Poland is one of the most underrated countries in Europe, with some of the most beautiful architecture and spectacular beaches that Europe has to offer. A lot of people are unaware that the country has a coastline, but cities like Sopot offer magnificent wildly blue oceans and beaches […]

Too Many Teachers in the Classroom?

By Monika Salita @monikasalita, About Monika Too Many Teachers in the Classroom?: How to Effectively Apply Your Skills in the Classroom while Working With Another Teacher As a native English speaker in a classroom full of students clamoring to learn the nuances of the language, teaching these students the intricate facets of formal and not […]

4 Steps for a Successful TEFL Career: Part 3 – Time to reflect and go a step further

By Eduardo Santos It’s been one year since you started working as an English teacher, and by now your responsibilities and roles as a teacher should be clear for you. Some experienced teachers say this period of adaptation may take over a year, which I think is true, but by now you must have a […]

Teaching English in Japan: A Brave New World

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Japan is a country that offers a fantastic contrast of experiences that range from the unbelievably modern to remarkable history. Over the past few decades, Japan has established itself as one of the leading countries in nuclear physics, aeronautics, transportation, robotics and electronics. An extended trip to […]

Young and in Charge: How to Keep your Cool and be the Authority Figure in the Classroom

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika I was 23 and 24 years old while I was teaching high school students in France. The age gap between me and the students I taught wasn’t huge, yet, establishing one’s self as the authority figure in the classroom, especially as a young teacher, is a facet of […]

Teaching in Latin America: Peru

By Grace Chinn For many of us, our main motivation for teaching English is to have the opportunity to experience new and exciting cultures first-hand, whilst learning another language. If this sounds like you, then Latin America could just be the perfect place for you to start or continue your TEFL career. Those who wish […]

Teaching English in New Zealand: A Country of Cultural Splendour

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Small, remote and thinly populated, New Zealand is a spectacular destination for any keen travellers looking to get away from their chaotic urban lifestyle. The majority of the population are situated on the two main islands of the archipelago, Te Ika a Maui and Pounamu, and both […]

Quick Top Tips for Solo Travelers

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or About Monika I traveled Europe with a backpack during my eight month teaching séjour in France and I came home from my adventures unscathed. Here are my top tips for being prepared and traveling intelligently, while making the most of your time in a new location, and doing all this alone.   […]

Teaching in Israel: An Experience of ‘Biblical’ Proportions!

By Tammy Reed Connect with Tammy on Facebook Israel has a deep, and arguably complex culture, with strong values, politics and faith. Despite its biblical fortitude it is also a business and commerce leader in the Middle East, and is therefore most certainly not just of archaeological importance.  There is an increasing need for businessmen […]

4 Steps for a Successful TEFL Career: Part 2 – Initial Teaching

By Eduardo Santos After having completed your TEFL course, you are ready to start teaching English – aren’t you? Your initial TEFL certificate has given you the basis to start working as an English teacher and maybe it included some hours of teaching practice. Either if you have taught a few hours during your TEFL […]

Living and Teaching in Paradise: The Seychelles

By Lindsay Varty Close your eyes and dream up the ultimate vision of paradise: palm trees swaying in the wind as crystal blue waters lap against vast beaches of pure white sand. Hot summer sun and cloudless skies an everyday inevitability. Well, that’s where you could be heading if you choose to teach English in […]

Uncover Southern France: Basking in Sunshine, Steeped in History

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or  About Monika Montpellier itself is a beautiful city in the south of France, centrally located between Paris, Nice and Barcelona, Spain – all of which are about four or five hours away by train. Nestled even closer to Montpellier, only a few hours away, are a handful of outstanding UNESCO world […]

Discovering new tidbits around Oslo

By Dana Yu @danamyu When it is spring in Oslo, Norwegians walk with a little more bounce in their step, most of them wear sunglasses even if it’s mostly overcast outside, and patios fill up with friends enjoying the first utepils of the year. Directly translated, utepils means “outdoor beer,” and though it refers to any […]

Argentina – Latin American adventure with a taste of Europe

By Roy Duffield Argentina. A country that blends the Latin American adventure with a taste of Europe, yet all the while retaining an unmistakably distinct identity of own. If you’re thinking of teaching English there, then you’ll most likely be based in the capital, Buenos Aires. “The Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” has something for […]

Supplementing Your Teaching Income: Finding Private Students in Spain

By Will Peach A site editor at Gap Daemon, the gap year community website for backpackers and gap year travellers. One of the great perks of launching into a TEFL career is the amount of free time that’s on offer. Couple that with the ability to teach private classes, and some teachers are able to […]

Teaching English in Thailand – A life changing journey

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Thailand is a country with magnificent scenery and amazing experiences to be had throughout. From the chaotic capital of Bangkok, a modern behemoth of frenzied traffic and gleaming shopping centres, to the all-encompassing islands that can vary from amazingly secluded to incredibly touristy and exciting. If you […]

Discovery Afoot: Taking Full Advantage of Montpellier’s Cultural Resources and Leisure Activities

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or  About Monika When I first arrived in Montpellier, France, one of the most valuable things I did for myself regarding learning more about my new home base (thanks to the guidance of some kind souls at the prefecture) was to visit the Pôle Universitaire; otherwise known as the student center […]

The natural icons of Norway

By Dana Yu @danamyu Norway boasts beautiful women, wild reindeer, and the world’s highest consumption of frozen pizza. If that’s not impressive enough, the 324,220 square km-country’s wealth of natural wonders is sure to charm even the most resistant outdoorsman. A road trip outside of Norway’s capital, Oslo, will introduce rich mountainous terrain and a […]

4 Steps for a Successful TEFL Career: Part 1 Getting Started – Taking a TEFL Course

By Eduardo Santos You have decided to start teaching English as a career or as a part-time job but you’re not sure where to set about taking the first steps. Perhaps you want to work and travel during your gap year or go deeper into the career, but don’t know how to start. Do you feel […]

Teaching English in The Heart of Central Europe

By Tammy Reed Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and at the heart of Europe. It is sometimes referred to the as ‘Little Paris’, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Charming street side cafes and boutique restaurants (without the Paris price tag) make it an ideal place to while away your spare time!  The […]

Teaching English in Europe – Part IV – An Overview

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Europe is packed with an extraordinary wealth of sights. Taking part in a TEFL Europe course can provide you with the opportunity to meet interesting people, experience the incredible nightlife and appreciate the rich history and culture offered throughout the continent. So far in this series I have mainly covered France, […]

“How Do I Get To…?”: Tips For Travel Planning In And Around France

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or With late October holidays coming up for many teaching assistants, many of you may be thinking of how to spend this break away from your new city exploring a new one. Here are some of my tools for successfully creating an exciting trip in and around ever-captivating France, via […]

An Introduction to Life in Sweden

By Dana Yu @danamyu From Stockholm, Sweden’s archipelago capital spanning 14 islands, to university towns Uppsala and Lund, Sweden offers a number of clean, safe cities to ground an unforgettable English-teaching experience. The first thing you will have to accustom yourself to is the notable hike in the cost of living. To adjust, income in […]

Teaching English in Krakow

By Lindsay Varty Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and dark history of Krakow, Poland’s second largest city and former capital, situated on the Vistula River in southern Poland. Overflowing with tradition and entertainment, Krakow is the perfect place for any wide-eyed traveller or history buff looking for somewhere exciting to teach English. Experience the […]

Teaching English in Europe – Part III

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Looking to get involved with a TEFL Course in Europe? Perhaps in an area slightly more exciting/adventurous than Spain or Italy? Then maybe you should consider heading further into Eastern Europe, an immense region that is rich in culture and history. There’s plenty of glorious scenery to make any visit to […]

48 Hours in Barcelona: Explore Now, Sleep Later

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or Vamos a Barça! Pack your bag and be ready to hit the ground running because your 48 hours in Barcelona, Spain will surely fly by in a whirlwind of energy and excitement. SLEEP Before you go, it’ll be wise to know where you’ll rest your head for a few […]

In Sweden, Midsummer for the Win

By Dana Yu @danamyu If you’re lucky enough to be teaching English in Sweden, make sure to stay until June to get in on the biggest holiday of the year. Each June, Swedes flee the cities for their summer homes in the countryside to welcome the arrival of summer with greenery, dancing, feasts, and friends at the annual Midsummer festival. This two-day […]

TOP 5 Holiday escapes for TEFLers in Brazil

By Eduardo Santos If you’re working as an English teacher in Brazil, you’ll quickly notice the Brazilian love for long holidays. Whenever you get the chance to have a 3 or 4-day break in Brazil, don’t miss the chance to discover the natural wonders of the country. Due to its continental dimension, I’ve decided to […]

Teaching English in Europe – Part II

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate If you’re looking for cultural splendour in a country of economic prowess, then I suggest a researching course in Western Europe. Spain may appeal to those who are looking for an interesting and enriching country. Its rugged mountain ranges delve into the magnificent Atlantic in the north, and it is […]

Speak My Language: Resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Part 2

By Monika Salita @monikasalita or For some English language teachers, working with younger children or lower level learners may instill overwhelming thoughts.  “Will I spend more time corralling children rather than teaching them?” and “Is this rudimentary content truly worth teaching?” are some questions which may breeze by one’s mind. Have no fear, my […]

Is it time for a TEFL experience?

By Tammy Reed English (as you may well be aware) is a language at the forefront of international discourse. It is the official language of the European Union, and the third most natively spoken global tongue. Unlike standard teaching qualifications, TEFL provides an  opportunity for those fluent in English to share what is considered to […]

Top 5 getaways while teaching in Mexico

By Roy Duffield Mexico. The word alone conjures up a plethora of exciting images. Mexico has always been the land of adventure, freedom and escape. Relaxing siestas, crazy fiestas and the dusty, open road. While many travellers are avoiding the country in recent years, there really is no reason not to take up the abundance of TEFL […]

Teaching English in Europe – Part I: An Introduction

By Daniel Cariello BA Hons English Literature graduate Europe is a popular destination due to the continent’s distinct culture and stunning landscapes. If you want to get involved with an English Speaking Language Course specifically, then there are plenty of fantastic destinations in Europe. With a contrasting variety of experiences you could choose to see anything from […]

Speak My Language: Resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Part 1

By Monika Salita @monikasalita, Diving into the task of doing work we’re passionate about, teaching English, yet may not have a lot of work experience in, can be a daunting task for new and experienced teaching assistants alike. This is where resources come in. My go-to resource during my teaching séjour in France was the […]

The importance of living abroad

by Dana Yu Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. Teaching English abroad is a popular way for explorers-at-heart to travel and have fun while continuing to grow themselves in unconventional ways. Here are four learning opportunities not to miss out on during your adventure abroad:

Teaching English in Egypt – A country of splendour

By Daniel Cariello Egypt is a fantastic destination if you’re looking to teach English in a country that celebrates the history of the ancient world and offers tourists spectacular experiences with the majesty of the Pyramids and the splendour of the meandering River Nile. In addition to this, capital city Cairo offers an exciting nightlife […]

Learning To Make Friends Overseas For the Shy Type

By Monika Salita, @monikasalita Packing one’s life into a suitcase and hopping on a plane to travel around the globe to go live and work in a foreign country may sound absolutely daunting and nerve-wracking to some, or like life’s ultimate thrill to others. Shy but keen on new adventures, that’s exactly what I did when […]

Teach English in Russia – Advice for Teachers

By Daniel Cariello Russia is a beautiful country eager to embrace its modern culture whilst remembering its historic past. Russia has a lot to offer the keen traveler, with cosmopolitan cities such as the dynamic Moscow or the beautiful and historic St Petersburg, to the magnificent Lake Baikal, where visitors can gaze at the spectacular […]

Using Music in the EFL Classroom

by Theodora Pap Using music in the classroom is not a new idea. Most EFL text books use songs at the beginning or end of a chapter, either for introducing a topic and the vocabulary or for consolidating what the students have already learned.

Top 5 weekend getaways while teaching in Japan

by Roy Duffield Japan is unarguably one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, but it can be expensive to  travel …especially as TEFL teachers are not entitled to the Japan Rail Pass. So, to save you some pennies, I’ve put together this list of highlights, all within easy reach of the major cities. Firstly, with […]

Teaching English in Brazil: This is the time to come!

By Eduardo Santos @eltbakery As the world’s 5th largest country in both size and population, and the 7th largest economy in the world, Brazil has a high demand for English teachers. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games on the way, the country is rapidly growing and the economy is at […]

Teaching English in Izmir, Turkey.

by Ferda Sonmez Making a difference? Making a change? So, how about Izmir? Izmir – the pearl of the Aegean is waiting for you! Izmir lies in the west of Turkey and is the third largest city. It’s a cosmopolitan and lively city all year round.  There are lots of historical places such as, museums, […]

A taste of Morocco

By Christina Rowe Morocco is magical – full of beauty, chaos, colours, flavours and contradictions! There are mountains, cities, kasbahs and deserts. You can feel wonder to be in such a place and the next minute pure discomfort at being so far away from the things you know.

Teaching English in Milan … where taste is of the essence

by Daniel Cariello If you are enticed by the prospect of new experiences in a country of great beauty and romance, where good taste in fashion and food is a pre-requisite, then teaching English in Milan may be the perfect next-TEFL-move for you. With English becoming a compulsory language in schools in Italy, the demand […]

Teaching English in Morocco starts with an adventure.

By Rob Cashman With a cultural richness that is as diverse and technicoloured as the African continent itself, Morocco is an overload of the senses. Just to name a few things, you can surf the sweeping beaches of the Atlantic coastline, hike the snow capped High Atlas Mountains, trek the sun-burnt Sahara Dessert, get lost […]

Top 4 weekend escapes for TEFL ers teaching english in Vietnam

By: James Whiteman If you can bear to tear yourself away from Saigon or Hanoi’s bia hoi, delectable street food and always vibrant culture, for just a few days, you will find Vietnam has even more to offer. Here are a four of my personal favourite short breaks from my time there: China Beach and […]

Teaching English in France – A tale about life in Languedoc-Roussillon

By: Christina Rowe Most of us have dreamed of working abroad at some stage in life and it it has often been a topic of conversation among my friends. The questions, ‘Where to live?  France, Spain, Morrocco?  What to do?’ usually follow, once we have decided we are going to fulfil that dream. I had been working in London for a […]

Learn English on your smart phone with Nadia Bentoua’s new app

With the tech savviness of today’s Generation Y, smart phone apps are an effective way to reach out to them. With Generation Y, if you want to engage them, it needs to be on a platform that they they see it as ‘cool’ to be on, so for students learning English – a considerable proportion […]

Teaching English in Russia – where modern meets traditional

By: Sam Lovell  (Travel writer/adventurer) @sam_anyroad Covering over 17,000,000 km2, Russia is by far the largest country on Earth. The Western perception may still render memories of past dictators and an iron clad socialist sytem, but oh, how things have changed. Russia now presents itself as a modern, friendly country still overflowing with tradition and culture. […]

Teaching English in Spain could be a treat for your tastebuds too!

By: Rob Cashman Spain is a remarkable country with abundance on offer. From aromatic, mouth watering paella to appetizingly tantalising tapas; from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the inviting beaches of Costa Del Sol; the intrepid Gaudi influenced Barcelona to the bustling market places of Madrid, Spain has it covered. If this is your idea of an […]

Teach English in France – Don’t let the recession influence your decision

Have you been thinking of a career change or looking for a way to sink in to the french landscape, surrounded by the deliciousness of freshly baked croissants and baguettes…with a topping of home made myrtille (blueberry preserve), cheeses galore and wine at its finest? Has the thought of teaching English in France crossed your […]

Teaching English in Vietnam – “Yes, I was in ‘Nam!”

By Daniel Cariello (BA Hons English Literature) Are you looking at teaching English in a foreign country but having trouble deciding between the myriad of choices? Are you interested in experiencing different cultures and learning about a country with a rich and interesting history? Then maybe Vietnam is the country for you. Vietnam is a […]

TEFL Teaching – to ‘book’ or not to ‘book’ ?

By: Theodora Pap (CELTA qualified, EFL teacher in Thessaloniki, Greece) When it comes to TEFL Teaching in Greece, the first thing you will notice is that english language classes (like the majority of foreign language lessons) are extremely exam-oriented, from a very young age. It’s not wrong to be certified in what you know but teachers end up having the mental […]

TEFL Teaching in Turkey – A retrospective by Enid Williams

Does the thought of unwinding with a cup of hot kaavah and mouthfuls of turkish delight, against a backdrop of shimmer and belly dancers entice you? Maybe its time to use your TEFL expertise as your ticket to a world where richness goes beyond the very word baklava in every sense and experience Turkey through […]

TEFL Abroad – Kori Czuy’s Top 5 Classroom Tips

By: Kori Czuy  (TESL Canada Certified/BA Arts) Teaching TEFL abroad poses unique challenges, whether it’s searching for that chocolate bar that reminds you of home, spending 3 hours paying a water bill, or being asked to make a speech to your entire school…in 2 minutes. As TEFL teachers overseas, we willingly subject ourselves to the […]

Teaching English in Turkey

By: Sam Lovell. Sitting between Europe and Asia, Turkey has long played a pivotal role in history. From Alexander the Great and Achilles to the more recent infamous battle at Gallipoli. There are plenty of sights which stand out if you’re looking at Turkey through the eyes of a tourist or an expat TEFL teacher perhaps. […]

The 5 Best Cities to Teach English Abroad in 2011

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Continuing our countdown of the 10 best cities to teach English abroad, TEFL Jobs World brings you the 5 best cities to teach English abroad in 2011. 5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Why Ho Chi Minh City: Exciting, booming city. Lots of […]

The 10 Best Cities to Teach English Abroad. Part 1, 10-6.

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Following on from our ‘best countries to teach English abroad’ guide, TEFL Jobs World gives you the lowdown on the 10 best cities to teach English abroad in 2011. 10. Tokyo, Japan Why Tokyo: Ultra modern, ultra different, space age city on the cutting […]

The 5 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad in 2011

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Continuing our countdown of the 10 best countries to teach English abroad, TEFL Jobs World brings you the 5 best countries to teach English abroad in 2011. 5. Italy Why Italy: Plentiful jobs, reasonable wages, excellent food, good climate and standard of living. […]

The 10 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad. Part 1, 10-6.

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World TEFL Jobs World gives you the lowdown on the 10 best countries to teach English abroad in 2011. 10. Saudi Arabia Why Saudi Arabia: Great pay packages of up to $100,000 per year! Qualifications: A degree, CELTA/Trinity certificate, at least 2 years experience. […]

5 steps to finding the best TEFL Jobs worldwide.

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Are you thinking about teaching English as a second language abroad? We list 5 ways in which you can increase your chances of finding a great TEFL Job.

TEFL Jobs in Nanjing

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Nanjing is a booming city in eastern China. English study is taking off and there are many places where teachers can find TEFL jobs in Nanjing.

TEFL Jobs in Jakarta

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Jakarta is the bustling capital of Indonesia, a city home to 10 million people. There are a lot of private language schools where you can find TEFL jobs in Jakarta.

Teach English in Busan

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, home to almost 4 million people. There are many opportunities to teach English in Busan. Public schools in the city employ western teachers to teach English to the students. There are positions in elementary, […]

Teach English in Saudi Arabia

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World If you want to earn lots of money as a TEFL teacher then you may want to consider teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

Teaching English One-to-One – Book Review

Teaching English One to One is a practical textbook for teachers carrying out individual lessons with students. There is useful advice plus lots of lesson ideas. One to one classes can provide the bulk of a TEFL teachers’ income so keeping students happy with engaging and structured lessons is all important. The book helps teachers […]

TEFL CV – 5 Tips for Teachers

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Getting your TEFL CV right is an important part of any job application to English language schools worldwide. Here at TEFL Jobs World we give you 5 tips to ensure your application stands out above the rest.

TEFL Jobs in Paris

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World There are lots of opportunities for English language teachers to find TEFL Jobs in Paris. There are around 300 language schools in need of teachers, and it’s also possible to make a living freelance teaching. The focus in Paris in on business English. […]

Language Activities for Teenagers- Book Review

Language Activities for Teenagers is a useful text book for teachers that bridges the gap between young learners and adults. There is a lot of helpful information and fun activities for teachers who are running English classes for teenagers. The book starts of with a detailed chapter about how to maintain discipline and control in […]

Teach English in Kyoto

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Many western teachers arriving in Japan want to teach English in Kyoto. Kyoto is a beautiful city in central Japan. In was the former capital and many of the historical monuments still remain.

English Teaching Guide – Book Review

Teach Me English Teaching Guide: Learning Language Through Songs and Stories  is a fun and engaging exercise book for teaching English to children. The text covers basic language components children need to learn and packages this process in a really creative way. The songs used are well know and suitable for young learners all over the […]

TEFL Jobs in Bangkok

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, a pulsating city home to 10 million people. TEFL jobs in Bangkok are plentiful, read here to find out more.

Teach EFL – Book Review

Teach EFL is a helpful book for teachers embarking on a TEFL course or a career in teaching English as a foreign language. The book takes you through all the areas you need to get to grips with in order to become a competent EFL teacher. There are plenty of overviews to help new teachers quickly […]

TEFL Jobs in Oman

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World TEFL teachers looking for an interesting experience abroad should consider TEFL jobs in Oman. There is a huge demand for English teachers as all pupils start learning English in the Sultanate from the 4th grade onwards. Additionally the strict immigration requirements make it […]

Teaching Languages to Young Learners

Teaching Languages to Young Learners is a thought provoking text offering useful advice to those teaching English to children. This book is written in an academic style and will be most useful to teachers who put value on their professional development. The book gives teachers a broad theoretical basis with which they can plan their young learners’ classes. […]

TEFL Jobs in Tokyo

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World There are many opportunities for native English speakers to find TEFL Jobs in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital and largest city in Japan. It’s also part of the world’s most populous metropolitan area, home to over 39 million people.

Activities for Language Teaching – Book Review

Lessons from Nothing: Activities for Language Teaching with Limited Time and Resources  is a great book for teachers short on time and with little or no resources. There are over 70 activities in the text. The majority are fun word games that focus on improving grammar and vocabulary. The most they require is that the students have […]

TEFL Jobs in London

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World London is the heart of the UK TEFL industry . There are over 200 language schools in the UK capital, thousands of TEFL jobs in London, and tens of thousands of English language students at any one time in the city. Most of the […]

ESL Books – Keep Talking

Keep Talking is a useful ESL book for introducing communicative activities into the classroom. There are activities for all levels of English student. The text is split into two parts. The first part contains over 100 different exercises including role plays, interviews, guessing games and questioning activities. The teachers notes to go with each activity are […]

TEFL Jobs in Hong Kong

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities in Asia. There are many opportunities to find TEFL Jobs in Hong Kong. It is also a great place to live and work.

Teaching English Abroad – Book Review

Teaching English Abroad is a useful resource book for teachers looking for practical information on how to get TEFL teaching work abroad. The book is split into 3 main sections; Teacher Training, Finding a Job and Country Guides. The training section explains the range of courses and how to choose the best course. The finding a […]

TEFL Jobs in the Philippines

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World The Philippines is a welcoming and friendly country often overlooked because of it’s location on the edge of south-east Asia. There aren’t as many TEFL jobs in the Philippines compared to other countries in Asia but if you look hard there is still […]

TEFL Training – The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a book that works as comprehensive overview to everything a teacher needs to know about TESOL. It is useful for those about to embark on some form of TEFL training. The book calls on various leaders in the field of TESOL to write individual […]

TEFL Jobs in Indonesia

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World In recent years there has been increasing opportunities to find TEFL jobs in Indonesia. The warm climate, fresh and tasty cuisine and friendly culture make it an attractive place to be.

TEFL Teaching Methods – Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching is a useful book to help teachers understand a variety of TEFL teaching methods. The text reads more like a history of language teaching rather than a practical guide that can used in the classroom. It’s a book that would suit more experienced teachers or those doing a higher […]

TEFL Jobs in Japan

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Working in Japan is an amazing experience. TEFL jobs in Japan are plentiful and schools are usually very helpful in assisting teachers to settle in to the way of life.

TEFL Lesson Ideas – Five-Minute Activities

Looking for some TEFL lesson ideas? Five-Minute Activities is a fantastic book with lots of ideas to fill in those gaps at the end of the class, and gives plenty of activities to augment various parts of your lesson. This book has almost 100 original activities that you can adapt for different levels of learner to help reinforce the language points of […]

TEFL Jobs in Beijing

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Like the rest of China the demand for English teachers in Beijing has grown rapidly over the last 15 years. There is now a broad range of opportunities if you are looking for TEFL jobs in Beijing.

Teaching Tenses – Books for TEFL Teachers

Teaching Tenses by Rosemary Aitken is a handy book for TEFL teachers to use in preparation for introducing tenses to students. The book is comprehensive and all the different tenses are logically explained. Lots of examples and uses are given to put the rules into context and help the teacher convey the meaning more clearly to […]

TEFL Jobs in Thailand

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Thailand is an attractive destination for TEFL teachers from all around the world. TEFL jobs in Thailand are plentiful and the country is also home to many TEFL course providers.

Books for your TEFL Course – English Grammar for Dummies

Are you keen to teach English as a foreign language but think your grammar will let you down? Then a good book for your TEFL course would be English Grammar for Dummies. The book is not written exclusively for TEFL, but is a good starting point for budding teachers who currently have a very poor […]

Opportunities for EFL teachers in Poland

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Opportunities to teach English in Poland have been growing steadily over the last 10 years. Poland currently has the most buoyant EFL jobs market in eastern Europe and is a popular destination for newly qualified TEFL teachers.

English Language Teaching Books – Learning Teaching

If you are about to start a TEFL course then Learning Teaching: A guidebook for English language teachers by Jim Scrivener should be one of the first English language teaching books to consider purchasing. It’s got everything you need to help widen your understanding of what being an English language teacher is all about. The book […]

TEFL Jobs in Shanghai

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Shanghai has been one of the central cities at the heart of China’s booming economy during the last 10 years. Alongside that there has been a greater demand for English tuition, hence a growing number of TEFL jobs in Shanghai over recent years.

TEFL Grammar Books – Practical English Usage

Do you struggle with English grammar? Do you have demanding students that often catch you out with tricky grammar questions? Practical English Usage by Michael Swan is one of the top TEFL grammar books. It’s a must have reference book for all English Language teachers. Practical English Usage is well presented and the grammar points […]

Taipei, Advice for English Teachers

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and a great place to find TEFL jobs. If you’re looking for a vibrant Asian city life with a buoyant ESL jobs market, then Taipei is well worth considering.

TEFL Course Books – English Grammar in Use

Along with How to Teach English, English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy is another essential TEFL course book. As well as providing an invaluable resource for teachers helping intermediate and above students with grammar problems, this book is also a very useful English grammar reference for teachers themselves. For most teachers embarking on a […]

Teach English in Seoul

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Seoul is a vibrant international city and the capital of South Korea. It has long been a popular place for native speakers to go to teach English.

TEFL Course Book – How to Teach English

Thinking of doing a TEFL course or starting out as an English as a second language teacher? Want to know more about the practicalities first? Unsure about which TEFL course books to buy? How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer is an ideal TEFL course companion. It is also a good TEFL book for those interested […]

Teaching English in Taiwan

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Want an exciting cultural opportunity and the chance to save a lot of money? Teaching English in Taiwan might be the answer you’re looking for.

Tefl Lesson Plans – Games For Language Learning

Having trouble with your TEFL lesson plans? Short on ideas for icebreakers, fillers and fun activities for students? I recommend the textbook Games for Language Learning by Andrew Wright and David Betteridge. It is packed full of icebreakers and games that will help put that extra sparkle into your classes. Not only are the activities […]

TEFL Jobs in Korea.

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World Korea (South) has long been a popular destination for native English speakers embarking on a career in TEFL. Korea has many upsides for those looking for an exciting cultural adventure teaching abroad. The ESL job market is large and varied for one. There […]

TEFL Jobs in China

By Jon Duckett Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World The amount of TEFL jobs on offer in China has grown hugely over the last decade!

Best TEFL Book for lesson ideas and activities – 700 Classroom Activities

If your looking for some great classroom activities then 700 Classroom Activities is a great TEFL book to get started and the best TEFL book for lesson ideas and activities. The activities are separated into four sections making it easy to use: Conversation Functions Grammar Vocabulary The activities are easily adapted into different learner levels […]

Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies Book Review

Are you new to TEFL? Then why not try one of many available books to help get you started. Here is one for beginners: Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies Learn to: Put an EFL course programme together from scratch Let your students loose in skill classes from reading to listening Deliver grammar […]

Teachers welcome to the new TEFL Jobs World site

Teachers if you are just browsing check out our job board for exciting new opportunities abroad. If there isn’t a job you fancy you can fill in the small job alerts form with the type of job you prefer and your email address and you will receive job alerts and updates as soon as new jobs becomes available that matches your request. Want to get noticed […]