Language Activities for Teenagers- Book Review

language activities for teenagersLanguage Activities for Teenagers is a useful text book for teachers that bridges the gap between young learners and adults. There is a lot of helpful information and fun activities for teachers who are running English classes for teenagers.

The book starts of with a detailed chapter about how to maintain discipline and control in the classroom. This is good advice, particularly for teachers who haven’t experienced classes of young teenagers before! Following that are eight chapters of language based games and activities. They are ordered in terms of the particular skills you want to teach, as well as chapters on ice breakers, literature and debating activities.

I recommend this book if you are about to do a stint at a summer school with teenagers. The students will enjoy the fun activities and you will be glad of the additional resource in addition to the often dry texts that many summer schools provide.


I am an experienced TEFL teacher who has worked in London, Japan and Spain. I am also the director here at TEFL Jobs World.