TEFL Course Books – English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in UseAlong with How to Teach English, English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy is another essential TEFL course book.

As well as providing an invaluable resource for teachers helping intermediate and above students with grammar problems, this book is also a very useful English grammar reference for teachers themselves. For most teachers embarking on a CELTA or Trinity TESOL course a lack of English grammar knowledge is a major weakness. During the course it is imperative to have reliable resource to brush up on any areas of weakness, a revision aid for grammar tests and materials to teach grammar points in your classes. As a TEFL course book English Grammar in Use fulfills all these criteria. Also most teachers don’t become experts in English grammar straight after the tefl course either. It’s mastery is an ongoing process and that’s why having a great reference tool such as English Grammar in Use is so important.

The text is well written and all the grammar points are explained in detail using a number of examples. The book is laid out in such a way that each grammar point is explained using two pages of text. On the left-hand side of the page the grammar point is introduced, examples are given to put it into the context of everyday English and any irregularities are pointed out. On the right-hand side practice exercises are given for use in class with your students. The layout works very well, and the coverage of grammar points is extremely comprehensive. That’s why this book is so essential not only as a TEFL course book but one that will be in constant use during your teaching career.

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