TEFL Grammar Books – Practical English Usage

Practical English UsageDo you struggle with English grammar? Do you have demanding students that often catch you out with tricky grammar questions? Practical English Usage by Michael Swan is one of the top TEFL grammar books. It’s a must have reference book for all English Language teachers.

Practical English Usage is well presented and the grammar points are clearly defined. Not only that but the content is well and truly extensive. Every possible grammar query you could face is covered in this text, including slang and taboo words. There is also a useful section on the differences between British and American English.

This text is what can only be described as an encyclopedia of English grammar. Be warned though, it is almost 700 pages long and relatively weighty. It’s not an ideal book to be carrying to and from class everyday! It’s more of a book to reference at home, before or after class to prepare yourself for difficult questions from your students. Also Practical English Usage can be very detailed so if your grammar is completely awful it might be best choosing a more basic guide first.

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