Tefl Lesson Plans – Games For Language Learning

Games for Language LearningHaving trouble with your TEFL lesson plans? Short on ideas for icebreakers, fillers and fun activities for students?

I recommend the textbook Games for Language Learning by Andrew Wright and David Betteridge. It is packed full of icebreakers and games that will help put that extra sparkle into your classes. Not only are the activities fun and engaging for the students, but the book is very logically set out which is very useful for the teacher.

There is an initial chapter on icebreakers and warmers, then the text carries on by diving the games by chapter depending on the type of skills you want to focus on in your lesson. These being: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary and Spelling, and Grammar. That way, not only can you bring in some fun activities into the classroom but you can do it in a really targeted way depending on which areas you feel your students need most help.

There is also a chapter at the end which gives you some ideas for solo activities, great for 1-1 classes.

This text is really broad in its appeal as the games can be tailored and modified depending on the level of your students and the structure of your lesson plan. It really is an essential book to add to your TEFL teaching resource library.

See for yourself: Games for Language Learning


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