How to get work as an English teacher in Buenos Aries, Argentina

Teaching English in Buenos Aries

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Buenos Aires may seem far away from the main English speaking cosmopolitan centres but it certainly has an English speaking oriented mentality. Raging from English-Spanish bilingual schools to high standard Teacher Training Colleges, the opportunities in Buenos Aires are sure to cater for any teacher of English looking for a challenge.

Teaching Adults

In order to succeed in this highly competitive and culturally bustling city, English is a tool required in most fields, especially tourism, commerce and business, as many of the office buildings around the city centre are owned by multinational companies. Most of these companies hire freelance teachers of English for group classes, or private individual lessons, generally at lunchtime. The fee could range between 80 and 100 pesos an hour. These lessons might have to focus on skills such as fluency and public speaking for business meetings and presentations. I have taught in companies for almost 10 years, and it can get really laid-back, as the student is constantly on the phone, or being summoned by his manager; or if he is the manager, he may have to call off your lesson unexpectedly, and you may find yourself with some free time on your hands. It is of vital importance to agree on a cancellation policy beforehand with your students, as they may not want to pay for a lesson they have not taken, but if for example they have cancelled 2 hours before the lesson, you may charge for it anyway, as you have invested time in preparing it and that time is part of the fee.

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Argentina – Latin American adventure with a taste of Europe

By Roy Duffield

Argentina – Latin American adventure with a taste of Europe

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Argentina. A country that blends the Latin American adventure with a taste of Europe, yet all the while retaining an unmistakably distinct identity of own. If you’re thinking of teaching English there, then you’ll most likely be based in the capital, Buenos Aires.

“The Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” has something for everybody. Walk the multi-coloured streets of La Boca. Peruse the quirky street markets and dusty antique shops of historic San Telmo. Party the night away in Palermos Soho, Viejo and Hollywood. Stumble upon a street tango. Fill your stomach with tender asados (steak) on La Costanera. Catch a football match between arch-rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate. Hop on the short ferry over to Uruguay. Share yerba mate with friends at one of Recoleta’s many ferias, or simply gorge yourself on the wealth of delicious Argentine snacks, from pan relleno and empanadas to dulce de leche filled alfajores.

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