Company Location Xuzhou, China

We opened up 2007 and we have rapidly grown. We have over 4000 students with 48 foreign teachers and 18 local teachers.
We teach students from age 3 and up, although we mainly focus on students from
age 3 to 15. Our students are divided into classes by age and level, with a maximum
of 10 students for 3-6 year olds, and 16 students from 7-15 years old. We teach our
students 2 hours each week, and the teachers keep their classes throughout the course, so we
have a chance to become familiar with both our students and their parents. In all classes we
use EF materials, which consist of books, PPT, CD, quizzes, work cards, Flash cards, and in
some cases IWB activities and puppets.
Xuzhou is one of the seven ancient capitals in China, which means there are several interesting historic locations to visit. As the only city besides Xian, Xuzhou has a collection of smaller
terracotta warriors, as well as several Emperor Tombs. Besides that Yunlong Hill and Yunlong Lake are the most famous Scenic Spots in the city. Yunlong Lake is an artificial lake which
was excavated by Xuzhou people in 1954 to fight the flood. It is also the Sister Lake of the
West Lake in Hangzhou because of the beautiful scenery, and on weekends and holidays many local people go there for boating, relaxing, picnics, or the smaller amusement area.
Next to the lake is Yunlong Hill which is the first famous hill of Buddhism in the north of
Jiangsu Province, because of Xinghua Temple established in North Wei Period and Dashi
Temple established in Qing Dynasty.

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