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ESL Studies is an educational organization located in the Qingpu district of Shanghai. The company provides a variety of educational services, the main one presently being English teaching, both online and onsite, for primary and middle school students, as well as multi-national companies in China, using the highly rated Macmillan textbook series.

Additionally, there are plans in place to set up a preparatory program for Chinese students who hope to attend high schools in the USA and the UK, prior to attending universities abroad. This program is meant for ambitious, motivated, high-achieving students who have goals beyond simply passing the GaoKao(College Entrance Examination)test in order  to segue seamlessly into a Chinese university.  ESL Studies takes the view that rather than rigorous and concentrated TOEFL and IELTS test preparation classes in China, a far more natural way of achieving the advanced level of English sufficient to pass these very challenging tests, is to attend high school in an English-speaking country where one can be completely immersed in the language  and the culture .Along with English language study, other subject areas will include Science, Maths, ICT, Music and Drama. What sets this school apart from standard Chinese training centers is the blending of academic subject areas with the performing arts, resulting in a balanced curriculum and students with broader skill sets. In terms of the future,

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