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Nasdaken International English Training Center (NIE) was founded in Yancheng in 2009, in China,Close to Shanghai. Now we have four centers in Yancheng. Our ability to provide an effective and competitive solution for English language instruction is reflected in our growth over the past years. Every year, thousands of students learn and improve their English with us.

NIE caters to a wide range of students, from 4 years old to professional adults; the major age group, however, is comprised of students aged from 8 to 14. You may find it a bonus since you have opportunities to work with your favorite age group(s). Moreover, the regular classes are fairy small, ranging from 1 to 16 students.

NIE provides a pre-written and well-structured curriculum. Our teachers are always allowed to be creative to tailor the classes into their students’ needs . Currently, we use“Longman Welcome to English”for 1st graders to 2nd graders; and “Get Smart” for 3rd graders to 6th graders. For the levels above, students are granted with rigorous curriculum developed by Nasdaken. This curriculum is generally divided into four levels: beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced.

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