Teaching in South Africa: A Magical Linguistic Escape

By Tammy Reed
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Teaching in South Africa: A Magical Linguistic Escape

By Tjeerd Wiersma from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Camps Bay) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

This nation is a treat, not for those hungry for cash flow or any such materialistic plenitude, but for those craving experience. South Africa is a handsome, sport-loving, sociable and incredibly versatile country. The controversial historical and political past is no reflection on its warm and friendly people. It could be argued that its phenomenal climate keeps the population smiling, or maybe it’s the 3,500 kilometres of incandescent coastline.

There is ample necessity to teach English, and although a large proportion of teachers work on a voluntary (or near voluntary) basis, there are opportunities to share your knowledge of the English language with business executives, young learners, or international students intent on becoming fluent. Like much of the third world, work is increasingly negotiated in English and the importance of the language is reflected in the magnitude of business and commerce secured in English.

There are a number of cities available to teach English depending on what you are looking for, or wanting from the experience. Cape town is a relaxed metropolis, with a beach serving as a golden frame to a perfect picture. Pretoria is the administrative capital, with a great selection of restaurants, and an impressive collection of museums and historical sights. There are also Durban and Johannesburg, once again Рone inland, the other lined with a shimmering coastline.

The pay as a teacher may not be as forthcoming as in a first world nation, but the cost of living is such that you should be able to live comfortably on your wage. It is estimated that 8 weeks’ teaching will fully cover the costs of your flight, leaving you the remainder of your time to acquire excess funds.

The South Africans are keen on hiring people trained within South Africa, as they do not have to sort visas. Yet many of the cities provide excellent TEFL training institutions, which should be kept in mind, as the beauty and mysticism of this nation can provide a competitive backdrop for budding international teachers.


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