Working as an English teacher in Cape Town

by Ryan Mackie

Working as an English teacher in Cape Town

By Andreas Tusche (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cape Town is fast becoming a popular city for foreigners wanting to learn English. This has resulted in an influx in English teaching schools in this picturesque city. These schools not only focus on the English language but combine classes with business techniques and travel experiences that make the most of South Africa’s mother city. Students at these establishments vary from accomplished foreign businessmen, to students, younger high-school learners and foreign expats.

Cost of living low

Although teaching English in Cape Town, South Africa may not pay a huge amount, the cost of living is relatively low so life in the city can be enjoyed at its utmost potential. Teaching English in Cape Town provides a varied, cosmopolitan background. The city has a rich diversity of cultures which result in many interesting restaurants, bars and clubs to explore. The town also has a host of adventure activities nearby including safari tours, horse-riding, shark-cage diving, river-rafting, rock climbing, surfing, sailing and kite boarding amongst others.

Cape Town is situated within the Western Cape which is South Africa’s fourth largest province. Within the cape area one could work at a previously-disadvantaged settlement helping young children learn the English language or flip the other side of the coin and work in leafy, affluent suburbs teaching English to foreign nationals – the choice is yours. Live within walking distance of a beautiful beach, small fishing village or luxurious forest area or live it up and stay at a luxurious hotel in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

A city of extremes

Cape Town truly is a blend of cultures and experiences. It is here where young and old party and live together. It is here where the affluent and the poverty stricken live side by side and communicate over barriers that once divided these now integrated worlds. It is here where a day on the beach can be followed by five-star dining at on of the Cape Winelands hotels. It is here where you can make a difference as an English teacher while still living a life full of excitement and enjoyment.


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