Teaching English in Brazil: This is the time to come!

By Eduardo Santos @eltbakery

Teaching English in Brazil: This is the time to come!

As the world’s 5th largest country in both size and population, and the 7th largest economy in the world, Brazil has a high demand for English teachers. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games on the way, the country is rapidly growing and the economy is at high speed. Being a country of continental size, your experience in Brazil will certainly vary depending on the region you plan to work at, therefore, choosing the region that most suits your needs is paramount. Although famous for its breath-taking beaches, the pulsating-beat of samba, the passion for football, Brazil has much more to offer, which, together with friendly people, will make your teaching experience unique. For more details on the different regions in Brazil, check Lonely Planet Guide about Brazil.

Most private language schools welcome native speakers with little experience. Brazilian students also love the chance of studying with a native speaker and are usually enthusiastic about learning about new cultures. It doesn’t matter if you choose a big urban city like Rio or São Paulo, or smaller cities in the countryside, chances of getting a job might be equal.

It is quite hard to get a work visa to teach English in Brazil since many English schools aren’t willing to sponsor a foreign teacher. Even though many English teachers work in Brazil on a tourist visa, which isn’t legal, the best thing to do is to check for job offers on international websites from trusted schools so that you get the most out of your experience. Private tutoring can also increase or even double your salary and it’s quite easy to find once you’ve started working in a language school.

The cost of living is affordable if compared to western standards. Schools either provide accommodation in a shared apartment or help you find a place to stay. The average salary is around US$900, but it can range depending where you live. The most popular cities for English teachers are São Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife. Big cities usually have a high demand for in-company lessons, so knowing business English and some experience teaching adults are a must. Knowing some Portuguese will also help you travelling around and meeting new people.

Brazil is going through an economic boom and it’s a great moment for English teachers to experience a bit of Brazil. Whether you are up north, down south, near a big city or in the countryside, Brazil has a lot to offer and this is the time to come.


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  1. I think when talking about salary in Brazil its better to talk about the hourly wage since there is no uniform dollar amount that teachers make in Brazil.

    In general, working at a school you can make between R$25-40 per hour and teaching privately you can make between R$40-65 per hour. You might make less in smaller cities in the country side.

    I’m all about helping people teach English in Brazil and I have more information about what its like at http://www.braziliangringo.com

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