Teaching English in Panama

By Grace Chinn
Grace is an EFL Teacher with 2 years’ experience teaching in Peru, Australia and Scotland.
She is currently travelling and looking for teaching work in Latin America.

Teaching English in Panama

By Mónica J. Mora (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Dubbed as one of the most developed and safest countries in all of Latin America, Panama is a great option for those who want the experience of teaching English in the Spanish speaking world, whilst never feeling too far away from modern comforts.

Within the country there are a wide range of cities and regional towns in which to search for a teaching job. City lovers will be in heaven in eclectic Panama city, a city in which old and new rub shoulders in perfect harmony. The fantastic thing about Panama City is that you are surprisingly close to the jewels of Panama- the Caribbean and Pacific Seas, both of which can be reached by car or bus in just a couple of hours.

Panama has tonnes of travel destinations to be enjoyed in your time off, ranging from idyllic Caribbean Islands to incredible Pacific surf destinations. The Caribbean Coast is where the lion’s share of the tourism happens in Panama, with super-popular Bocas del Toro catering to those who want to dance on the tables to reggae by night and lounge on white sand beaches by day.

To live out your desert island fantasies, the utterly breathtaking San Blas Islands are an absolute must to be included on any travel itinerary. To best enjoy the Islands- most of which consist of nothing but palm trees and sand- boat trips can be arranged from Panama City.

Other travelling options not to be over-looked are the increasingly popular surf destinations of the Pacific Coast. The most famous- and rightly so due to its incredible surf and laid-back vibes- is Santa Catalina. Here, the surf industry is well established, and a surfer’s every need is catered for, right down to boat trips to the outer islands and reefs, and all inclusive surf camps. Dedicated surfers will enjoy exploring the Veraguas and Azuero Peninsulas to find quality uncrowded surf.

In terms of costs, Panama is fairly manageable on a small budget, and outdoes itself in terms of good, cheap food. Tortillas de maiz (friend corn cakes) served with scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple, and cost only a few dollars in a cheap restaurant. A small bottle of beer costs $1 in a bar, and a dorm room costs around $10 per night. Those who want to enjoy Panama while it´s still cheap are advised to go now, as word is well and truly out, and it wont be long before it rivals Costa Rica on prices!


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    I am interested in teaching in Panama.
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