TEFL Jobs in Tokyo

By Jon Duckett
Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World

TEFL jobs in Tokyo

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There are many opportunities for native English speakers to find TEFL Jobs in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital and largest city in Japan. It’s also part of the world’s most populous metropolitan area, home to over 39 million people.

Many teachers arrive in Tokyo with a TEFL job already lined up. Large language school chains such as Aeon and Berlitz advertise and recruit teachers from their home countries in a process that takes about 3 months. Other teachers arrive on a tourist visa and look for jobs once they are in Tokyo. There are a lot of smaller language schools who you can find work with this way. It’s also possible to earn extra cash teaching private students.

The city is famous internationally for its high tech looking neon filled streets, bustling with commuters. Areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku capture Tokyo at its most modern. There are many fascinating museums located in Ueno park including the Tokyo National Museum. You can also find some traditional Japanese culture if you visit the Asakusa shrine.

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