TEFL Jobs in Korea.

By Jon Duckett
Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World

TEFL Jobs in Korea

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Korea (South) has long been a popular destination for native English speakers embarking on a career in TEFL.

Korea has many upsides for those looking for an exciting cultural adventure teaching abroad. The ESL job market is large and varied for one. There are over 3,000 Hagwon (private language schools) and countless opportunities to teach English in universities, public schools and corporate businesses.

South Korea is geographically a relatively small country so you are never too far away from a large town or city should you be offered a job in a relatively rural location. Wages don’t vary too much depending on location but you would be expected to get slightly more working in the capital Seoul, compared to a small town in a rural location.

One of the beauties of Korea is that living expenses are relatively low, but wages are still good at around US$12,000-US$25,000 per year. Not only that but it is very common for your Korean employer to pay for your accommodation, furnish it and subsidise your transport costs! Also taxes are very low. This means that teachers can usually save half their yearly salary! With that in mind you can build yourself an amazing travel fund or nice nest egg for when you return home!

Like China, it pays to do your research when job hunting for TEFL jobs in Korea, particularly with the Hagwon schools. Try and find out/get recommendations from native teachers out in Korea working for the organisation you’re applying to.

Overall Korea is a great place for an overseas teaching experience. Vibrant international cities such as Seoul and Busan, a unique and exciting cuisine, a deep cultural heritage and a broad ESL job market.

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