TEFL Jobs in Thailand

By Jon Duckett
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TEFL jobs in Thailand

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Thailand is an attractive destination for TEFL teachers from all around the world. TEFL jobs in Thailand are plentiful and the country is also home to many TEFL course providers.

Thailand certainly is an amazing place to live and work. It really does have everything. The country is best known for having some of the most idyllic beaches in Asia. As well as the beautiful coastline and islands of the south, northern Thailand is steeped in culture and history. This is epitomized by the northern capital Chiang Mai, which is home to over 300 temples. That is not to overlook the capital Bangkok, a teeming metropolis that is the country’s heartbeat.

For TEFL teachers there is a variety of opportunities in public and private institutions. Jobs in language schools are most common and the salaries range for 25,000-35,000 Baht ($800-$1200) a month depending on qualifications and experience. Accommodation costs are around 4,000-5,000 Baht a month and sometimes the school will provide this for free. You can live very comfortably is Thailand for $800 a month, less so in Bangkok but the salaries are usually a bit higher there. Schools are more and more starting to ask for teachers with TEFL certificates although they don’t necessarily have to be from Trinity TESOL or CELTA.

Competition for jobs is far greater in Bangkok so it’s worth trying places such as Chiang Mai and Hat Yai if you need to find work fast. Often schools don’t advertise their positions outside of Thailand so it is an option to arrive and look for work once you are there.

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