48 Hours in Barcelona: Explore Now, Sleep Later

By Monika Salita
@monikasalita or about.me/monikasalita

48 Hours in Barcelona: Explore Now, Sleep Later

By Frank K. [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Vamos a Barça! Pack your bag and be ready to hit the ground running because your 48 hours in Barcelona, Spain will surely fly by in a whirlwind of energy and excitement.


Before you go, it’ll be wise to know where you’ll rest your head for a few hours each night. I researched my options on Hostel World’s website and made a reservation for Sant Jordi. My favorite feature of this hostel was that it was not located in the heart of the city, but rather in a more residential area of town, allowing for more observation of and interaction with local residents.


The quintessential foods that every visitor must sample are sangria, a delicious wine punch made with fruit bits, and tapas, traditional Spanish cuisine appetizers. I visited Taller de Tapas upon my hostel’s recommendation to enjoy a lovely tapas and sangria meal and enjoyed it very much. Visit this restaurant in small groups or be prepared to wait, as wait times for larger groups can be long at this hotspot. Don’t fear coming alone (I did), you will still receive excellent service.


Something that Barcelona is known for is being the home of many of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces. His top creations include the buildings of Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, the whimsical and enchanting Park Güell and his crowning achievement, Sagrada Família. Visiting these UNESCO World Heritage sites should not be missed.

If you’re keen on people watching, head down to Barceloneta beach. Barceloneta is known for its sandy beach and vibrant boardwalk where visitors can find plenty of evening entertainment options.

Additionally, when visiting these great sites, take a stroll down La Rambla, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. It connects Plaça de Cataluyna with the waterfront’s Christopher Columbus monument. This street has an abundance of cultural, dining and entertainment options. Definitely something to satisfy all five senses.


Never keep valuables in a pocket of your bag that can be easily accessed by pickpockets. I carried my valuables in a small hidden pocket of my bag.

Travel with a copy of important documents such as your passport and visa, safely tucked away in an area separate from the originals.

I wish you exciting travels!


I adored teaching English in beautiful Montpellier, France during the 2008-09 academic year. I am an avid learner and have finished two professional certificates in public relations and social media technologies.