Opportunities for EFL teachers in Poland

By Jon Duckett
Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs World

Opportunities for EFL teachers in Poland

Opportunities to teach English in Poland have been growing steadily over the last 10 years. Poland currently has the most buoyant EFL jobs market in eastern Europe and is a popular destination for newly qualified TEFL teachers.

Poland is a beautiful country to live and work. Despite being a major battleground in world war 2 Poland retains some amazing medieval architecture. Krakow and Wroclaw are particularly stunning examples. There is also a lot for nature lovers. The Carpathian mountains in the south are a mecca for skiing and hiking while the Great Masurian Lake district in the north-west is a favorite with sailors and kayakers

The majority of openings for native English speakers are in private language schools. All the big cities have numerous schools and a lot more schools are now opening in smaller towns and rural locations. Standards and expectations are starting to rise across Poland. Most schools will now only consider teachers with a CELTA or Trinity TESOL certificate, and having one of these also puts teachers in a much better position regarding pay and the quality of school they can apply for.

The pay is usually around $17 (50 Zloty’s) per teaching hour in the private language schools. Teachers can usually survive working about 20 hours work a week. Although there are usually plenty of opportunities to top up your pay with extra classes and private lessons. Living costs in Poland are relatively low and you can rent an apartment for about $200 a month, while food and transportation are inexpensive.

Like anywhere it’s important to do you reseach on schools before accepting a job offer. Also be sure to look through the contract. Some schools have a habit of assigning lots of other “work duties” outside of class time, so it pays to know beforehand what you’re signing up for. There is often room for negotiation over contracts if you are still in the process of accepting a job.

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