Teaching English in Berlin: Burst Through the Wall

By Daniel Cariello
BA Hons English Literature graduate

Teaching English in Berlin: Burst Through the Wall

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Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin is regarded as one of the best European destinations in terms of culture. A relaxed and tolerant city, Berlin offers exquisite museums, theatres and opera houses to visitors. Furthermore, Berlin is one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to art, fashion, cuisine and music. A very trendy city, a TEFL Course in Berlin would be fantastic for anybody with a passion for any of these subjects.

Because of the size of the city, the demand for English-speaking language teachers is high, and accommodation can usually be found relatively cheaply. However, beware of some of the cheaper accommodation, as sometimes tourists are offered living spaces of a poor standard. Just make sure to check out the place thoroughly before signing. Obviously be sure to do any necessary visa requirements checks also.

Aside from the impressive cultural appeal, Berlin has a rich and interesting history. Speaking from first-hand experience, attractions such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate are amazing sights to behold. Moreover, if you’re a shop-a-holic, then you’ll find fewer shopping districts that beat Kurfurstendamm for quality and variety.

With a wide range of pubs and bars, the nightlife in Berlin is something else. Under the neon lights the city comes to life at night…and the vodka is cheap too. The clubs are incredible too varying from large commercial clubs to underground music dance halls offering an impressive range of music including dubstep, reggae etc. However, it is worth noting that often tourists find it difficult to get in to clubs, and bouncers often attempt to overprice them, so beware. Maybe speak with a German accent? But don’t let this stop you. Berlin is a fantastic city that should appeal to anyone.


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  1. I spent a year in Thailand teaching and that was such a rewarding experience and left me with the hunger to continue teaching and to explore the world. Its a year since i have been back in the UK, i took up a teaching course and gained a Level 3 Award in Teaching and Training. I have just completed an amazing internship opportunity with Milton Keynes college which was a real eye opener and further developed my teaching skills. I also hold a 120hrs online TEFL certificate.

    I am always looking for an opportunity to spend my summer teaching and indulging in some culture.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards

    Vimbai Katsande

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