Teaching English in Izmir, Turkey.

by Ferda Sonmez

Teaching English in Izmir, Turkey.

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Making a difference? Making a change?

So, how about Izmir? Izmir – the pearl of the Aegean is waiting for you!

Izmir lies in the west of Turkey and is the third largest city. It’s a cosmopolitan and lively city all year round.  There are lots of historical places such as, museums, historical sites, monuments, Kizlaragasi  Inn, the Clock Tower, Saint Polycarp Church, Asansor quarter ( also known as the Jewish quarter), Hisar Mosque and more. Kültürpark  is the site of the International Izmir Fair and contains an amusement park, restaurants and gardens.

Alsancak is a great area of the city. There are lots of  bars, cafes, patisseries, restaurants, shops. Nearby Karsiyaka is nice and modern, too. You can take long walks  by the sea. The most elegant shops line the Kordon Promenades in Alsancak, Karsiyaka and Cumhuriyet Avenue. And Konak, the most vibrant part, contains lots of shops, an opera hall, museums, a theatre, a cinema and  the Kemeraltı market area. Balcova is one of Turkey’s largest  thermal spas. Also Cesme is very active in summer. It’s full of holiday makers and celebrities during the summer time. Alacati is famous for its wind and is a popular spot with windsurfers.

The climate is mild in winter and hot in summer. Transportation is easy, cheap and comfortable. Shopping is cheap and you can find great fresh food. That’s to say, Izmir is a great place to live! The environment is good and full of activities for you and for your students; you can make use of many open air activities. And it is a great place for family and friends to visit.

Izmir offers lots of opportunities for both holiday makers and TEFL teachers. There are lots of language schools, special courses and special schools. The students are easygoing and willing to learn.

Being a TEFL teacher in this city is a great experience, where you will find good friends, willing students  and have unforgettable time. Salaries are enough to live on in Izmir, but not too high.

For all the benefits Izmir has to offer it is definitely worth considering!


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  1. My name is Ramin Kiyanmehr, I’m from Iran, I’ve been teaching English for 13 years in different levels in English and Spanish. I have B.A in English language translation, I’m so interested in teaching English and Spanish in Izmir.I would like to get a response from you. Thanks for your attention.

    Best Wishes
    Ramin Kiyanmehr

    • Giannis Kostalos

      I am an English Teacher from Chios, Greece, holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engliah Languge and Communication with English Literature from the University of Hertfordshire and i am interested in teaching English in Izmir. I have already been there many times since it’s very near to where i live.
      e-mail: giannislwstalos@in.gr
      Best Regards

  2. Christopher Owlish

    I have been teaching ESL in Asia for 13 years, recently moved to Turkey as I had a job set up, I hoped in Izmir, but it turned out to be unavailable, so I am at present working on a temporary contract in a less interesting city, I would love the opportunity to live and work in Izmir, as I have such fond memories of the great place after holidaying there 3 times over 20 years ago…. christopher.

  3. Greetıngs,

    My name ıs Saida Bul. I’m an Arabıc natıve speaker. My englısh and Frencg are very good as well. I have one year experıence teachıng french. My unıversıty degree ıs ın Englısh Studıes.

    I’m ınterested ın a teachıng job here in İzmır. I would lıke to get a responce from you.

    Best greetıngs.

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