Teaching English in Turkey

By: Sam Lovell.

Sitting between Europe and Asia, Turkey has long played a pivotal role in history. From Alexander the Great and Achilles to the more recent infamous battle at Gallipoli. There are plenty of sights which stand out if you’re looking at Turkey through the eyes of a tourist or an expat TEFL teacher perhaps. Should you choose to TEFL  (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) here,  you will see and experience so much more than you can truly imagine!

For one, the people are among the friendliest in the world. Islamic hospitality and a curiosity about Foreigners ensures that time spent teaching in Turkey will be a friendly one! Add to this their great beaches and the surprisingly throbbing night scene in Istanbul and you’ve got yourself a TEFLjob in paradise!

Teaching English in TurkeyThe most difficult decision to make perhaps, once you’ve decided you want to TEFL in Turkey is just where do you want to teach? Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Diyarbakir. Each city seemingly offering a different, yet still very Turkish experience.

Teaching English in Turkey generally offers a reasonable salary but don’t expect to come here to save big bucks. TEFL teaching in Turkey is about absorbing and experiencing the culture: be it waking to the call to prayer each morning, sipping mint tea while smoking a hookah or relaxing in one of the ever popular Hammams. If you’re coming in from the UK or USA, you’ll also be amazed at how well behaved and respectful your students will be. Something which makes TEFL all that more enjoable and rewarding in Turkey!

With a rich cultural heritage, fantastic food, great transport system, friendly people and amazingly diverse landscapes, Turkey could well be the perfect TEFL destination!

TEFL in Turkey

If you’re not feeling inspired yet, the experiences of Turkey based blogger Natalie –  an English woman who for for the past 9 years has called Turkey home – on the Turkish Travel Blog are certain to do the trick.  You may also want to take a peek at Shelter Offshore , where you’ll find a plethora of sound information about everything expat related in Turkey that’s sure to answer any other questions you have.

So, If all this sounds appealing, then perharps teaching English in Turkey is for you!

Photos by Sam Lovell


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