TEFL Jobs in Oman

By Jon Duckett
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TEFL jobs in Oman

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TEFL teachers looking for an interesting experience abroad should consider TEFL jobs in Oman. There is a huge demand for English teachers as all pupils start learning English in the Sultanate from the 4th grade onwards. Additionally the strict immigration requirements make it difficult for teachers to get into the country. English is seen as having an important place in the modernisation of the country, and there is a big drive for it to be used as much as possible in the service industries.

Oman is located in the south-west corner of the Middle-East. The coastline meets the Arabian Sea and contains some beautiful beaches. The country is generally hot and dry with vast desert areas. There are also mountainous regions in the north and south-east which rise to almost 3,000 meters, creating their own micro climates. Muscat, the capital lies on the north-east coast of Oman and the metropolitan area is home to over 1 million people. Like much of the Middle-East the oil industry is of massive importance to the economy.

Teachers can find work in private schools and colleges where the entire curriculum is taught in English. Additionally there are many international language school chains in Oman in need of native English teachers. Teachers usually work into the evening as most students attend classes after they’ve finished their day jobs. Salaries are between $1,000-$2,000 per month and teachers can usually save money as the cost of living is relatively low and accommodation is often subsidised. All teachers are required to have a degree, an accredited TEFL certificate and generally at least 2 years experience.

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  1. It’s still very hard to get a teaching job in Oman due to government restrictions! and a long winded process to get a work visa!

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