experienced EFL/ IELTS/ Business/ academic English teacher with 34 years experience

Greetings, I would like to introduce myself as a prospective teacher for which I have attached my CV. I am available for teaching immediately. For the last 6 years I have been focusing on IELTS courses and business English. My initial degree course (unfinished due to a family crisis) and profession was Youth and Community work.

As a volunteer with VSO I have worked with many workshops aimed at skills development.

Over 32 years I have progressed through teaching teenagers general English at language schools (2 British Council) to EAP and Business English. I have taught Cambridge ESOL exam courses for many years (PET, FCE, BCE, IELTS and CAE).  I am very effective in adapting stimulating, focused materials and activities to suit learners’ needs, particularly in response to poor language learning styles. I worked for 4 years in 2 Universities

Recently in UK I updated my skills with white board technology at Herriot Watt University (teaching advanced academic English skills to Chinese students); part of my strength is adaptability (to new objectives and methods) and a willingness to learn from and share with colleagues.

I have a collaborative, engaging and motivating approach to teaching which has made me a popular teacher in all learning environments; my flexibility and power to respond to changing class situations and student moods has guaranteed high achievement with regard to course aims and student achievements.

Last Resume Update October 16, 2018
Address Huntingdon, United Kingdom
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