Is it time for a TEFL experience?

By Tammy Reed

Is it time for a TEFL experience?

By Alejandro Flores from Sevilla, Spain (flickr: Salamanca) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

English (as you may well be aware) is a language at the forefront of international discourse. It is the official language of the European Union, and the third most natively spoken global tongue.

Unlike standard teaching qualifications, TEFL provides an  opportunity for those fluent in English to share what is considered to be a universally accepted language. In return for your time spent teaching, you could very well find a plethora of cultural delights, discoveries and even life-long friendships.

TEFL gives you the chance to work alongside students throughout the academic year, building a rapport with them, as well as developing their English. It is a dynamic pathway to personal and professional development. As an individual, you can expect to enhance your leadership and communication skills, and you will also find that  your awareness of different cultures substantially increases.  Professionally, you are able to work in either academies or one to one, exploring and deepening  your strengths and skills. Some schools also provide the chance for you to learn their native language – an absolute plus for your CV!

The TEFL experience could also take you well off the beaten track; with schools located from Salamanca to Seoul, (to name just a couple!) there is an adventure for every palette. Whether you want to trek the sun beaten trails of the Sahara or immerse yourself in the neon-nightlife of Tokyo, you can be sure to gain a multitude of experiences. The wealth of destinations can send you as far or as close to home as you choose, proving memorable encounters don’t only happen in far away places!

If this all sounds quite daunting then fear not, as there’s an extensive network of TEFL trainees abroad to associate with, (more than 127,000 globally) and your training will be within a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Training online is also an option. Depending on your time frame and cash flow, (we know times can be tough) there are also an assortment of prices and ways in which to earn a TEFL certificate.

So, if you want to beat the rat race and venture on a voyage of discovery, then maybe it really is time for TEFL!


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