The importance of living abroad

by Dana Yu

The importance of living abroad

By Mr Drake (by myself) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. Teaching English abroad is a popular way for explorers-at-heart to travel and have fun while continuing to grow themselves in unconventional ways.

Here are four learning opportunities not to miss out on during your adventure abroad:

1. Get to know the other English teachers at your school. This will be one of the biggest learning opportunities and most invaluable resources for tips and teaching ideas. But outside of classroom advice, your co-workers can be a major help when you’re still settling in; they’ll be the ones who know the ins and outs of the school and likely even the students.

2.Develop and strengthen communication skills. After years of being the student, standing at the head of the classroom offers a new perspective on the dynamics of education. You will spend time figuring out how to explain complex ideas in simple ways to students of all personalities and learning types. If you end up teaching in a country whose language you do not know, you will also learn the importance of nonverbal communication.

3.Broaden the mind. You can put away your human geography books because this time you’ll be learning a new culture firsthand. Living and working abroad compels you to learn a lot of new things quickly, like how to get around, how to find things at the supermarket, and new holidays and social customs. All of these experiences will show you different lifestyles, accustom you to change, and help you develop a unique sense of adaptability.

4.One of the greatest learning opportunities you’ll come across while living abroad is learning about yourself. In the face of challenges that go along with moving to a new country, how you react to each situation will help you realize your
strengths and weaknesses.

Teaching English abroad and spending time overseas offer opportunities to educate yourself across a number of spectrums. During your adventure, you’ll probably be doing all of these things without even realizing it. And with a suitcase full of new experiences, friends, and life-long stories upon your return, you’ll likely find yourself with numerous strengths and ahead of the pack.


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