Top 5 TEFL Island Destinations!

Top 5 TEFL Island Destinations!

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If you live in the UK you might be wondering whether you should even bother bringing out your summer wardrobe, locating your flip-flops or wiping the dust off your sunglasses… it doesn’t look like summer is happening this year!

Hands up if you fancy moving to a tropical island to teach English instead? Read on for i-to-i’s top 5 island TEFL destinations!

Bali, Indonesia

Home to some of the most envious beaches on the planet, Bali is high up on many a beach lover’s travel-musts, how do you fancy teaching there?

Given the country’s popularity it’s no surprise that the competition for teaching positions in Bali is fierce. Most employers will ask for at least a year’s teaching experience alongside both a degree and a recognised TEFL certificate – but don’t let this put you off! Where tourism leads, English language schools tend to follow…

Plus, the cost of living in Indonesia is cheap, so while the pay-packet might not seem terribly appealing, your TEFL wage will allow you to live pretty comfortably! Hello platefuls of Nasi Goreng!

The Philippines

English is widely spoken in the Philippines so employers are looking for knowledgeable and experienced TEFL teachers. The main demand, as per usual, comes from the business centres of major cities such as Manila and Cebu. So make sure to brush up on your grammar and dress smartly for interview!

In your spare time? The Philippines knows how to throw a good festival – there are over 100 of them across the archipelago!

Thai Islands

In 2012 Thailand broke records with a staggering 22 million tourists visiting in one year! With its well-established party scene, never-ending beaches and mouth-watering food it’s no wonder Thailand has become one of the most popular TEFL destinations.

Whilst Bangkok and other major cities draw TEFL teachers in their masses – options are still open for teaching on Thailand’s islands such as Koh Samui.

As a result of Thailand’s tourist boom the demand for English teachers has increased, but so have the restrictions to teach there. In order to work in Thailand you will need to have a degree in order to obtain a working visa… if caught without one, the consequences can be dire!

Greek Islands

“Is Greece cheap? Isn’t it?” “What’s it like to travel there?”

There have been lots of questions surrounding the Greek tourist trade since the economic crisis.

One thing is for sure, 2013 is going to be a big year for Greek holidays as tourist’s faith in the country has been restored in recent months. What comes with tourism? English speakers!

In Greece, like every other country, there is a demand for English teachers to cater for the summer influx of tourists (Athens, Crete and Santorini being some of the most popular destinations!)

Working conditions in Greece vary from place to place but English language schools are usually privately owned and TEFL teachers will expect to work the usual 9-5.

Dominican Republic

Heading to the other side of the planet… the Dominican Republic! As the Caribbean’s second largest island, millions of tourists flock to where Lonely Planet has called the ‘Best in Travel 2013’!

Like every other Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic is blessed with incredible beaches and a hot climate…but what’s it like to live and work there? There are plenty of voluntary positions available and average salaries can be up to £300 a month.

In terms of cost of living, Santo Domingo is more expensive than the rest of island but as a general rule of thumb; eat and shop like the locals and you’re onto a winner!

Time to TEFL in paradise?

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