Travel Insurance for UK TEFL Teachers Working Abroad

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Travelling away from the UK to teach English abroad is hugely exciting, with a myriad of new professional, travel and cultural experiences to be enjoyed. There are of course, the inevitable practical arrangements to be made before you jet off, including getting any inoculations that you may need, packing your suitcase – and also – arranging suitable travel insurance for your time away from the UK.

Purchasing travel insurance is an essential pre-requisite to any travel away from the UK, but especially when you are transplanting your working life to a new part of the world to teach TEFL. You will be usually be away from the UK for an extensive period of time, you may have taken valuable items such as a laptop with you, to assist in your work and you may also be planning some adventurous sports and activities in your time off. The right travel insurance policy will provide you with comprehensive cover, and provide a reassuring safety net of cover if an unforeseen problem does occur.

Standard travel insurance may not be the best choice for you, as there are sometimes restrictions e.g. they may only cover you for a maximum of 12 or 18 months away from the UK or the cover may not extend to the times that you are working. Finding cover that meets all of your requirements, can be tricky, which is why Go Walkabout Travel Insurance have launched our Working Holiday Travel Insurance policy, designed specifically for people who are working away from the UK.

The policy is ideal for people looking to find travel insurance for teaching abroad, and it has many additional benefits to our standard policies, including:

  •  Cover for up to 2 years away from the UK. You may have a contract to work abroad for 2 years at the outset, in which case, this policy is a perfect choice. Alternatively, you may have an initial contract for a shorter period of time, but there is a possibility that you may choose to stay for longer, or move on to another job outside of the UK. We offer the flexibility to extend both the duration of your policy whilst you are away, and also the region of your cover too, so that if an offer that is too good to miss, comes up – you don’t have to!
  • An option for up to 4 return trips back to the UK. You are covered for up to 2 return trips back to the UK as standard, and there is the option to extend the cover to up to 4 return trips back. This policy benefit is invaluable if you know from the outset that you have reasons to return to the UK e.g. a friend’s wedding or a family Christmas. It is also handy to have this option if you think there’s a possibility that you may want to return to touch base back in the UK for a period of up to 21 days each return visit, with the cover of your travel insurance resuming once you set off from the UK again.
  • Cover for teaching English abroad. We have compiled a set of Work Packs, reflecting the risks involved with doing the job, and the premium that you pay. TEFL jobs are included in Work Pack 1, so they are covered as standard with no additional premium to pay. This means that the policy benefits extend to the times that you are working, so if for example, you were injured by tripping over a chair in the classroom, there would be cover for the medical costs of treating the injuries you sustained. To add to the flexibility of the cover on offer, you may choose to add an additional Work Pack to your cover if you combine your TEFL work with another job, and then you have the security of knowing that your cover reflects the jobs that you are actually doing.

In addition to these specialist aspects of the Go Walkabout Working Holiday policy, you will also be covered by a whole host of invaluable benefits, including:

  • Cover for up to £10,000,000 for Emergency Medical Expenses, including repatriation back to the UK.
  • Cover for up to £2,500 for the cancellation of you trip before you travel.
  • Cover for your Personal Belongings of up to £1, 000.
  • Cover for your Personal Money of up to £500 and Travel Documents up to £200.

The policy will be valid for travel to any part of the world (after you choose the correct region of cover), as long as there is no Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidance against travelling to that region. You can also rest assured that there will be help and assistance in the event that you require medical assistance whilst away, as we have a dedicated Emergency Assistance line that is manned 24 hours a day by trained medical staff. They can offer you practical advice about where to seek help, and they will often liaise with the staff at the facility that you are being treated at.

As mentioned previously, we can also offer cover if you intend to indulge in some adrenaline-fuelled or adventurous pastimes in your precious time-off. Many activities, including bungee jumping and scuba diving to depths of 30 metres, are covered as standard. Things that are more extreme in their nature will be in higher Activity Packs, and these can be purchased at the outset or added on while you’re away, following the discovery of an activity that you want to try out.

As a TEFL teacher with a challenging and rewarding career, and lots of demands on your time, it makes sense to cut out the fruitless search for suitable travel insurance and head straight for this policy that is designed to meet working traveller’s unique needs.

Go Walkabout Travel Insurance company was established in 1999 and we pride ourselves on our approachable professionalism and efficient service to our customers, many of whom return year after year. We are delighted with the positive feedback that we receive from our customers.