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Date Posted March 2, 2022
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If you’re thinking of doing a TEFL course but confused by the plethora of courses and destinations to choose, there is hope. It’s TtMadrid to the rescue! The magical city of Madrid, with it’s vivid landscape, fountains that light up at dusk and fun spirited sidewalk cafes, bars and eateries has plenty to offer the discerning expat.

And then there’s TtMadrid with it’s elegantly style TEFL course and support system, that are even more tempting than the bright coloured tapas that never fail to entice restaurant passersby.

TtMadrid is a 4 week intensive TEFL Teaching Training academy located in the heart of Madrid; and a popular teacher training destination for both qualified teachers and new university grads alike. It is also a favourite among people looking to embark on a second or third career change.

Regardless of the background you come from, the TEFL course is guaranteed to fit your ambition….

Helen, our TEFL course manager has more….

Ola! And Welcome to TtMadrid

Taking the leap to a new country is both exciting and scary but that’s what we are here for, both before you arrive and after.

The duration of the course is 4 weeks and it is very intensive. You will be in the school from 09.30 to 19.00 each day and you will also be required to complete coursework assignments in the evenings and weekends. Our graduates have such huge success getting work because our course is recognized within the industry for having the highest standards and for its relevance to the current market.

Our course is also moderated and accredited by the International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (ITAQuO), which means that a globally recognized independent body other than ourselves ensures we keep up our standards. It also means that the certificate is recognized and accepted around the world. After working in Madrid, many of our graduates go further afield and we now have Tt Graduates working in Poland, England, Australia, USA, Lithuania, France, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Ghana and many other countries.

During the first week of the course you will observe experienced teachers teaching the Spanish students. You will see a variety of teachers with very different personalities but all using the same methodology. We run 4 levels of English classes for the Spanish students who receive the classes for free. You will also participate in classes on lesson planning, teaching skills, materials, the 4 skills, grammar and phonetics. It is a very practical course and we always keep it very up to date to meet the needs of the current teaching market.

In the second week of the course you start your teaching practices (6 teaching classes in total). All your teaching practices are observed by one of our TEFL trainers who then give you feedback after the class so you can develop your skills for the next class. Your lesson planning is also done with trainers to guide and help you. Our school is full of the latest books and We also take no more than 18 trainees on each course so that you get lots of individual attention to ensure you reach your potential.

We believe in offering the best opportunities to our trainees once they finish and the people our graduates work for (over 250 agencies, schools and academies) are personal contacts that we have established over many years, who trust and value the quality and standards of our course. We conduct all the interviews with potential trainees so that we can give you as much information, help and honest advice as we can.

Ready to apply? Read on…

How to Apply

The price of the course is 1375 euros and we run courses on a monthly basis. We have an online application process so if you decide to apply to our course, we will create a unique TtMadrid username and password for you. With these details you can log into our traineezone and access all the information you need as a prospective trainee. Once you send us your online application form we will give you a call for an interview. This gives us a chance to find out more about you and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the course and living and working in Spain.

We provide an abundance of information pre, during, and post graduation. We have complied information packets including: financial preparation, the job market, accommodations, etc. We have on going support at the completion of the course, an open resource room, group outings, and local events. Our course even includes a month of FREE Spanish lesson. If you need to provide contact information in your project please include:

Email: info@ttmadrid.com

From UK: +44 (0)207 558 8133

From US: +15614592059
From Spain: 91 5721 999
Skype name: ttmadridtefl

Address: TtMadrid - C/ Montesa 35, (esc dcha) 2º dcha 28006 Madrid, Spain
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