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Date Posted December 2, 2021
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Teach English and travel the world! If you would like to teach English around the world (including the UK of course) we can provide the training you need. No previous experience is necessary.

Our company was set up in 2000 to provide the highest quality TESOL / TEFL courses by distance learning. If it’s a quality programme you are looking for, then our TESOL courses will provide what you need. (TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

We specialise in distance-learning courses and all our TESOL-direct courses have been designed by trainers with long experience in teaching English overseas. We have built up our reputation over a long period and so we have applications from all over the world. Many applications come to us following personal recommendations.

You can work at your own pace without deadlines to meet. There are no examinations as assessment is through assignments. You will have your own tutor who will mark your work carefully and send you comprehensive feedback on your assignments.

Enrol today, wherever you live in the world. Our very experienced tutors will provide you with helpful support. You can enrol online at any time, and begin your course immediately.

Remember that a short course (for example, a weekend course) will not be accepted by many employers and a more substantial programme is needed.

150-hour TESOL Certificate course - online/distance learning

Enrol on our 150-hour programme and, if you wish, you can receive our Teaching English to Young Learners Certificate course completely free! (Use the code TEFLjobs08 when you enrol.)

Our 150-hour course is for people who want the best training available. All of our tutors have a minimum of 20 years of teaching and training experience, including teacher-training for the British Council. They are real professionals and will provide you with the best support you can find. No other course comes close to the tutor support we provide.

This course is divided into three modules totaling about 460 pages. It covers everything you need to work effectively in the classroom with adults or young people, and is available by download from our server (quick and easy) or in printed form.

The quality of this TESOL-direct course is guaranteed by accreditation from the College of Teachers in London. The College has been involved in education for over 150 years, and has a Royal Charter just like the British Council and the BBC. On enrolment, you will become a student member of the College.

Our 150-hour TESOL Certificate is equivalent of 4/5 weeks full-time study and is accepted all over the world. On completion, candidates receive a certificate from TESOL-direct as well as a certificate from the College of Teachers.

• Materials available by download or in printed form.
• Free English Grammar Guide.
• Videos of language classes are available.
• Teaching practice options available.
• No examinations.
• Assignments can be resubmitted if necessary.
• Excellent course feedback (www.tesol-direct.com/questions-about-our-courses ).
• Help in finding a teaching post.
• Money-back guarantee.

This is an NQF Level 5 course. Course fee from £495.

110-hour TESOL Certificate course - online/distance learning

This is an ideal course for people wishing to teach English abroad for between one and nine months, although some people work abroad with this certificate for years. Many people opt for this course when completing their gap experience abroad. It is a very competitively priced course available by download from our server for £325.

Assessment is through assignments that are sent to your personal tutor. All of the tutors are very highly experienced and provide helpful, practical feedback on all student work.

This course has been designed by professionals and will enable you to teach English effectively and improve your students’ grammar and their four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This course is also accredited by the College of Teachers.

• Materials available by download.
• Free English Grammar Guide.
• Videos of language classes are available for those enrolled.
• No examinations.
• Assignments can be resubmitted if necessary.
• Excellent course evaluation.
• Help in finding a teaching post.
• Money-back guarantee.

65-hour TBE Certificate course - online/distance learning

Our Teaching Business English (TBE) Certificate course is accredited by the College of Teachers. In fact, it is the only TBE course accredited by the College. Applicants should already hold a TESOL or TEFL certificate or diploma accredited by an independent accreditation body.

This course is a specialisation building on your more general TESOL or TEFL qualification. It consists of 260 pages of detailed notes, explanations and activities dealing with all the important features of Teaching Business English. It includes sections on all the skills that a Business English teacher needs in order to operate confidently and successfully. There is plenty of material which can be photocopied. Course fee from £350.

Assessment is through assignments. There are no examinations.

• Accredited by the College of Teachers.
• Materials you can photocopy for class use.
• Methods of assessing your trainees’ language skills.
• How to plan a Business English course.
• How to plan Business English lessons.
• Sample authentic materials.
• Information on cross-cultural awareness.
• A free copy of the popular course book New Business Matters by Mark Powell.
• Excellent course evaluation on the course and tutor support.

Our TBE course is very practical and full of ideas that you can try out with your own course participants.

Teachers with a TBE qualification can earn significantly higher rates of pay than teachers with only the more general TESOL or TEFL certificate so this is a course that’s definitely worth considering.

65-hour TEYL Certificate course - online/distance learning

Our Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) Certificate course is also a specialisation and you can enrol if you already hold a TESOL or TEFL certificate. It is one of our most popular programmes. One of the benefits of distance learning is flexibility and the absence of stress or deadlines.

This 65-hour course is for teachers of English who wish to teach children learning English as an additional language. This course will give teachers the skills and confidence to work with children from about 4 to 12 years old.

The course consists of about 270 pages and is packed with numerous practical ideas, insights, methods and techniques. It is available by download from our server for £295. Please see our special offer when combined with our 150-hour TESOL course.

No examinations. Assignments will normally be submitted as email attachments.

The course fee includes all the material you need, assignments to send to your tutor, the helpful feedback from your course tutor and the course certificate. There is nothing else to pay.

There are many interesting and imaginative activities that you can try out in class and these will strengthen your understanding and confidence. The course includes:

• Advice on teaching and practising listening, speaking, reading and writing.
• Guidelines on teaching handwriting.
• Advice on teaching children to read.
• Practical teaching ideas.
• Practical tasks.
• Assignments for submission and grading by your tutor.

Personal tutor and assessment

At the start of the course, you will be assigned an experienced tutor who will support you throughout the programme. At regular intervals in the course you will find assignments to complete and send to your tutor. Your personal tutor will provide any help or guidance that you need. We pride ourselves on the quality of our feedback on assignments and you will always receive plenty of helpful comments and suggestions from your tutor. All of our tutors are highly experienced and have worked as trainers for the British Council. Contact with your tutor is generally by email but can also be by telephone or Skype.

How to Apply

You can enrol at any time, 24/7, wherever you are in the world. You will normally receive your course materials on the same day if you want them by download from our server. This is the quickest, cheapest and safest method.

To enrol using PayPal: http://www.tesol-direct.com/applications-enrol-now

To enrol using our secure online form: http://www.tesol-direct.com/enrol-without-paypal

For FAQs go to http://www.tesol-direct.com/questions-about-our-course

If you have questions contact: info@tesol-direct.com

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