Waiyan Centre, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a key university affiliated to the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offers the largest number of language learning programmes and other interdisciplinary studies in China.

The university has been China’s principal base offering excellent training and degree programmes in foreign relations, foreign trade, foreign culture and foreign language learning and teaching. The university has turned out tens of thousands of graduates with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages, foreign relations or related areas in her history of seventy years. The university has won the name of “cradle for diplomats” in China thanks to her 400 outstanding graduates serving the country as ambassadors.

School of International Education placed directly under Beijing Foreign Studies University. Along with China's demand for the internationalization education, the school offers great environment for people who have ideas and abilities to operate international education. The school aims to build a platform for cooperation and development for both language teachers and learners. It implements international educational philosophy and practice of breakthroughs with university perspective and an international perspective.

School of International Education/International Education Group runs International Kindergarten of BFSU, Suzhouwan Foreign Language School of BFSU, and Qingzhou Foreign Language School of BFSU. It also runs the following educational programmes: K-12 language education, foundation courses for overseas undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Programme for Academic Success), A-Level and AP courses, professional training and development of language teachers, corporate training, VIP training, overseas university application service, etc.

Current openings

Currently Waiyan Centre, Beijing Foreign Studies University doesn't have any openings.