Interlingua Zunyi

Established in 2000, Interlingua is now the leading foreign teacher led English school in Zunyi and enjoys an excellent reputation with students and parents alike. Our focus is on providing a fun and fulfilling learning environment that excites students learning the English language and world culture with teachers from English speaking countries.

Students at the school range from pre-school to high school and we occasionally take adult learners. As a teacher you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills with all of these age groups as we like to provide a varied timetable for each teacher.

We are also proud to have built a scouting group that travels to locations around China two to three times a year. Our foreign teachers have the opportunity to join these trips, providing workshops on scouting skills and pretty much anything our imaginations come up with.

Our current team currently comprises five full-time foreign teachers, who join us from English speaking countries all over the world, supported by Chinese staff, several of who are also English speakers. We are a close-knit group, both professionally and socially, supporting each other closely in developing as teachers as well as in adjusting to life away from home.

Nestled in the spectacular hills of Guizhou in South-West China, Zunyi is a refreshing break from the hectic life of the big Chinese cities, whilst being large enough to provide plenty of entertainment in free time. With its unique food, diverse ethnic minority groups and China’s largest waterfall, Guizhou offers a truly memorable experience for the teacher and the traveller.

Current openings

Currently Interlingua Zunyi doesn't have any openings.