Sesame Street English

Through the creative genius of Jim Henson, Sesame Street, with its many muppet characters, touched the lives of millions of children around the world and is still going strong nearly 50 years on. As part of Sesame Street’s ongoing education mission for young children and global branding, Sesame Street has opened up English language schools all over Asia. China is now the largest growing market for English schools and Sesame Street English has over 200 English schools for young children in China, spread over 23 provinces.

Sesame Street English schools in Xi’an are looking for talented and creative TEFL teachers to join our team to enrich the lives of young children studying English at the school. We provide English programs for young children from 3 to 9 years old.

The Classrooms at Sesame Street English are beautifully-themed with Sesame Street characters and the lay-out of the classrooms are perfectly setup for teaching and learning as you would come to expect from the Sesame Street brand. Each class has its own Interactive Whiteboard with surround sound giving you the best tools possible to reach out to young children and to bring to life their learning, curiosity and imagination.

All of the Sesame Street English schools in Xi’an are conveniently located in modern shopping malls with western amenities and are easily accessible via public transport.

Xi’an itself is a cultural icon with a history dating back 4,000 years. On days off, lose yourself in the maze of old Xi’an streets, take a jog along the top of the 9-mile ancient city wall, try some authentic Chinese cuisine, learn some Chinese, see the local Terracotta Warriors or let your hair down in one of the hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs here. Xi’an is awesome!

Current openings

Currently Sesame Street English doesn't have any openings.