Regular Bloggers

  1. Guest Bloggers

    All the guest posts from the TEFL teachers working around the world that have provided articles for our blog.

  2. Jon Duckett

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher who has worked in London, Japan and Spain. I am also the director here at TEFL Jobs World.

  3. Monika Salita

    I adored teaching English in beautiful Montpellier, France during the 2008-09 academic year. I am an avid learner and have finished two professional certificates in public relations and social media technologies.

  4. Neil Root

    Neil Root is a London-based writer and journalist who has also worked as an English language teacher for ten years, in London and several countries abroad.

  5. Peter Goudge

    Peter Goudge is the Managing Director of the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE), located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Peter established the Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) from scratch in 2009 – quite an achievement for a foreigner in a developing country like Vietnam. The Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) has grown to become one of Vietnam’s most dynamic English language schools and an employer of choice for professional ESL teachers.

  6. Amber Gerrard

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher who has worked in Mexico and Thailand.

  7. Brendan Ryan

    I have been an EFL teacher for 20 years in Spain (always in-company). I have experience in Madrid and other cities.

  8. Christopher Mc Laughlin

    I am Irish and I’ve been in and around south America working as a TEFL trainer and teacher since 2007. I'm mainly based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I have many stories and tips for anyone interested in coming here or Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. I am 30 years old and I’ve been teaching since I was 21. I began with a year in Caceres, Spain then I taught general English in secondary schools in Ireland for two years before moving to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires I trained to be a TEFL trainer and spent 4 years going to different countries training teachers. I am currently in Buenos Aires working as a private teacher and children’s English camp coordinator, however I have worked with my different organizations and institutes here, from professional Business English to factory workers.

  9. Claire Woodall

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher currently working in Spain. So far I've done one year teaching in the north of Spain and one year teaching in Madrid.

  10. David Brown

    TEFL teacher with experience working in Chile and Portugal.

  11. Gemma Archer

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher who has taught in Saudi Arabia.

  12. James Trumm

    I have taught ESL in Tunisia, China and the US. I have managed a community college writing center, taught students from six to adulthood, and traveled extensively.

  13. Karina Cicero

    I am a TEFL teacher with years of experience working in Argentina and the UK.

  14. Richard Fielden-Watkinson

    I am an EFL teacher with 3 years experience teaching in Saudi Arabia.

  15. Ruth Sheffer

    I am a TEFL teacher with 3 years experience living and working in China.

  16. Nicole Sharp

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher who lived and worked in Turkey for 2.5 years.

  17. Franziska Self Fisken

    English teacher living and working in Vienna.

  18. Siobhan Smith

    Siobhan is an experienced TEFL teacher who has most recently been living and working in Vietnam.

  19. Tanya Hanbury-Aggs

    I am an experienced TEFL teacher who has worked in Ecuador.

  20. Thomas Lee-Eveleigh

    TEFL teacher with experience teaching English in Indonesia.

  21. Victoria Hebden

    When I started my 5 week TESOL course back in 1997 I had no idea of the journey it would enable me to take. I was certainly not aiming to be teaching in the capital of Europe several years later and at that point, nor would I have chosen to be doing so. Having finished my TESOL, I spent a year in Moscow learning the ropes and exploring the intricacies of the English language before leaving for Italy to spend a couple of more years teaching. This experience led me to volunteer as an EFL teacher for a couple of years in Rwanda before returning to Italy for a short time. All this time spent teaching motivated me to continue with my own learning curve, I completed my degree in psychology before going on to graduate with an MA in TESOL from Brighton University. Where to go from there? With no specific plans I jumped at the chance of moving back to Europe, newly married, my husband's offer of a job in Brussels seemed like an ideal opportunity for both of us to start work overseas, for him to embrace learning French and for me to put my knowledge of the language into practice again.