2010 RESUME Melody Amina

I am currently in Cairo, Egypt which I am very familiar with as I have spent approximately 8/9 years there. In all hierarchical positions of educational departments there and also in the capacity of voice broadcasting in English for a satellite and TV company. I have taught Business English for Berlitz in Istanbul, Turkey and lectured for Universities in Saudi Arabia too.

I have a TESOL Teaching Diploma from Canada and a BA Hons from my country, the UK. My Degree is in Social Policy, which is the study of Political Movement within governments on both a local and international basis. In short I have an expansive experience in the fields of business and education.

I am a British Muslim, currently taking a break in Cairo, Egypt. Having taught in K.S.A for one year, where my contract is now finished. I was born in Lewisham, London. UK. I am 56 years old. I am divorced and have four fully grown up, independent and successful children, who live in the UK.

Physical and mental fitness are top priorities for me and some of my favourite hobbies include, swimming which I do on a regular basis. Also horse riding, gymnastics and aerobics to maintain a good level of health. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol.

I enjoy study and am currently undertaking a Master's Degree in Project Management in which my grades are A+ and I am expecting to graduate again at the end of 2011. I take a keen interest in world politics and human rights policy.

If there is anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards

Melody Edwards. BA Hons. UK.
TESOL Dip, Canada.

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Address Masakin Shorouk, CAIRO, EGYPT., Egypt
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2010 RESUME Melody Amina
May 1998 - May 2018
Senior University TESOL Instructor/Lecturer:

Lecturing undergraduates in the British Curriculum to exam level and beyond. Including all classroom, office and academic Management of the academic syllabus. Using intense, UK English coursework and literature. Inclusive of all extra curriculum activities and working entirely on one’s own initiative.

UOH. University of Hail. K.S.A. April 2010 to present.

Senior University TESOL Instructor/Lecturer:

Tutoring, University students in English as a second and foreign language. Undergraduate curriculum and extra curriculum studies included. Managing classes and working on one’s own initiative. Setting and supply of extra activities and off schedule preparation, including one to one conversation and intermediate syllabus material.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Princess Nourah Bint, Abdul Rahman University. Oct 2009. – April 2010.

Adult Language Instructor of English as a second or foreign language:

Tutoring adults of all language levels.
From level one to level sixteen. In both General English and Conversation. Including IELTS. Managing classes and schedules. Organising lecture material. Working entirely on my own initiative, without Management supervision. Giving Oral Placement Tests, to access student’s academic level. Grading End of Level Tests. To access the student’s subsequent level. Overseeing website language content and correcting errors, while suggesting alternative syntax structure. Providing my own extra curriculum material, where necessary. Preparing the Intermediate syllabus and Intermediate Oral Tests. For the other, area branch of:
(Global Education, American Data Centre) in Nasr City, Cairo.

Sohag, Upper Egypt. May 2009 – Oct 2009.

Adults: English Language Instructor:

Tutoring adult Customers in advanced level English. To high end business clients. Lectures included Post Modern business concepts. Including the 360ْ Feedback or Multi – Rater Employee Evaluation Programme. Negative Equity concerning World recession, Global Crisis in relation to work Incentive and corporate Innovation.

Berlitz, Istanbul, Turkey. April 2008 – April. 2009.

First Freedom Direct.

Senior Verification’s Officer:

Advising and legitimizing Canadian Citizens with Credit Card Debt, of their Customer Rights. To enable them to enter the Program and relaying our Company’s Policy. Relating to the Client’s, lowered Interest’s Rate Scheme on their monthly, Outstanding, Credit Card payments. Completing Customer Satisfaction, telephone surveys for statistical audits. Relevant Clerical and all related paperwork.
As per company policy.

Montreal, Canada. July 2007 – January 08.

Creative Copywriter, Brand Promoter: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Hatem Salem Media Advertising & Broadcasting Agent, (Home Based Business).
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. December 2006 – July 2007

Creative Copywriter, Brand Promoter and Internet Researcher. For a leading,
Egyptian Media and Broadcasting Company.

Working in a Home - Based Capacity.
Proof reading and grammatical error correction of various documents in relation
To advertising. Creating ideas and incentives to promote products via
Descriptive writing and suggestions for sales techniques. Researching the
Market of advertising, relative to international and local promotion of
Sales. Initialising Public Relations between companies, from one country to
another through internet research, subsequent introduction and advertising

Director: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Farabi Private International Language School,

New Cairo District.

Manager of the K.G. and Junior Department and English Consultant in the International
Section of the whole school. Responsibility of the staff team. Dealing with
staff grievance. Meeting parents, maintaining contact with parents,
recommendation of a student's progression or regression to the parents and
liaison with the school Psychologist or Social Worker concerned. Setting
general Academic Curriculum's in place. Overseeing all general Staff situations.
June 2006 - November 2006
Director of the American Division: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Waha Language Private Language School, Cairo
October 2005 - June 2006

Manager of The American Division. Public Relations, Liaisons with the C.I.T.A.
following their directions. Reorganisation of the staff schedules and
supervision of Academic Curriculum’s. Relating to our School’s imminent enrolment into the American Division Methodology of Teaching.

Audio/visual: Presenter and Script Editor: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Swegypt T.V. and Nile Sat Multimedia, T.V. Satellite Broadcasting
Company. Cairo, Egypt. March 2005 – June 2007.

Preparing and Editing my own created scripts and making 'voice over’s' of my Written Genre by reading my News and Entertainment scripts:

Script Editing and reading my ‘Personally Edited’ News and Entertainment Genre. My footage and voice over’s, as sound waves were subsequently added to videos for International streaming.
Direct to customers and subscribers via the internet and mobile phones. My scripts were accepted by the ‘Irish Times’ and other reputable press agents.


Establishing staff rotas, maintaining a team of approximately 200 Teaching and their Assistants. Creating the first school's Junior and Senior library. Directing my team on the purchasing of resources and enabling the opening of an initial school library. Aiding the Instructor's programme with practical Academic guidance, where necessary.

American Division, British Language School, Alexandria, Egypt.
May 2005 - October 2005

K.G. Manager: (Egypt) El Safwa Private Language School, Agamy, Alex, Egypt.

Managing a team of Staff and teachers in a Private Language School.
Instructing, Supervision and Managerial Duties. Overseeing Administrational
Duties of Staff. Head Hunting and procuring potential staff members.
Manager/Overseer of staff work. Writing Teacher Assessment Reports. Creation of
Administrative issues and Punishment Policies, concerning disciplinary action.
Presentational and tutorial structuring. Introduction of various methodologies in relation to the
academic curriculum and occasional photography related to web designing on behalf of the school’s website menu.

October 2004 - May 2005

Functional Administrative Manager: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Creating geological reports for the company’s Potential Client’s. Credit Controller, in regard to collection of Customer’s Payments. Organising Staff Rotas and establishing Staff routine Rules, in relation to Corporate Policies.
Srato - Chem, Petroleum. Dokki, Cairo . Egypt.

March 2004 - August 2004

Business Research Administrator: (Freelancing in Egypt)

Various: Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

Freelancing in Egypt - For various Oil, Gas and Petroleum Organisations:
Working in an analytical capacity, including Internet Freelancing, various
Managerial and Administrational Duties, business generating and Credit
Control Policy.

April 2002 – September 2003

Director: Harrison School Of English. Margate, UK.

Managing a team of Teachers, who taught English as a Foreign Language to
International Students from different Middle Eastern Countries.
Whilst subsequently teaching foreign students also. Creating and implementation of School’s Policies, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules and UK Curriculum details. Establishment and building the contents of the main School Library. By choice of books and relevant academic materials.
November 2002 - July 2003

Area Healthcare Project Manager: B.N.A. Margate. U.K, Margate.

Locating and recruiting staff members, responsible for staff and community
based in a home environmental setting. Maintaining 'family to client'
contact. Updating contract schedules where necessary and maintaining cost
related records in relation to client's finance and travel. Ensuring
transportation coordination.
Cadet care. Thanet. U.K, Thanet. August 1993 - December 1998

Healthcare Assistant Manager:

Community Manager responsible for elderly client's issues of medication and
costing schedules, personal health files, budget and financial matters
being addressed. Contacting and meeting families (next of kin) concerning
their possible return to a home environment.

Kent County Council. Gravesend . U.K, Ashford
October 1983 - August 1993

Environmental Area Supervisor:

Managing the work force in the Environmental and Recycling Department,
according to British Legislation. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction,
Public Relations. Meeting clients, dealing with complaints. Ordering
supplies, accounting for stock, rotas and timesheet scheduling and security
issues. Researching crucial environmental issues, relating to a sustainable eco system.

Belcher's Residential Service, Dulwich.
May 1993 - December 1998

Senior Residential Social Worker:

Supervision of routines and organisational skills for adults and children
with clinically diagnosed disease and/or mental and psychological disorders and
Learning Disabilities. Therefore presenting challenging behaviour.
General Management of staff duties, rotas, files and Client Reports.
January 1970 – July 1983


Masters Degree
May 2018
Currently studying for a BSc Master’s Degree in Project Management.
Expected date of graduation in September 2011.
Current grades to date: ‘Outstanding.’

TESOL Teaching Diploma:


Montreal, College Canada.
Jan 2008 - Apr 2008.

Graduated on the 10th July 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
Social Policy. (Political Movement)

Study of: Computing, Tradition, Transformation in Popular Belief:

Social Problems, Family, State, Anthropology Study of: Sociology and the Welfare State, regards
British Housing, Health, Social Welfare, Human Rights, Social Legislation, Social Exclusion and European political, administrational systems and Governmental Policies. Humanitarian and hardship issues in relation to world concepts of globalisation, multinational companies, business structures and governmental policies on a local, national and international scale. Auditing of statistics and
html. (hypertext mark up language).

(University of Kent at Canterbury. U.K)

Other Relevant Academic Qualifications:

First Year Pass of: 4 modules at degree level. At Christchurch University in 2003. BSc Hons in Tourism and Leisure, with English as an International Communication.
Module 1. Investigating Language in Communication. (Which Included an Introduction to Linguistics).
Module 2. Communication Studies. (Included body, non verbal language).
Module 3. Introduction to Tourism Studies.
Module 4. Introduction to Leisure Studies.

Plus, optional French conversation lessons, as part of the course. Which I took and completed;.

3 A levels in Psychology, Sociology and History.
(Thanet College U.K.) 1st July 1999.

Certificate of Intermediate mathematics, data handling and
statistics, Geometry, trigonometry, mensuration and algebra. (Thanet
College U.K.) 14th July 1999.

3702. City and Guilds Certificate in Counselling skills and
(Canterbury College) March 1997.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Awareness Certificate.
(Canterbury and District Enterprise Trust) May 1997.

Mental Health Awareness Certificate.
(Canterbury and District Enterprise Trust) April 1997.

R.S.A. Certificate in Computer Literacy and Technology.
(R.S.A. Examination Board U.K. Centre No: 01009) October 1989.

O level English Language.

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