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I have just completed the CELTA in IH London and am very enthusiastic to start teaching as soon as possible. Through studying this course , I have gained confidence to put into practice all the diverse teaching techniques that I have learnt.

In addition, I have over 2 years experience teaching young learners in primary school. This included one to one work with children with learning/behaviour difficulties and individual assistance to slow learners as well as support teaching in the usual group classroom situation. I was responsible for developing and teaching a successful after school Eco- project with 3 different year groups. I have also taught English in a Mexican Prison to women inmates for 3 months and Spanish in a High School for 11 months.
Growing up in Spain and having an English mother and a Dutch father has helped me understand how beneficial it is to learn languages. Having first hand experience of learning English has also enabled me to realize the difficulty that foreign learners come across when learning this language. I feel that this experience positively affects the way I teach English, as I appreciate the importance of being clear, encouraging and offering dynamic lessons so students are motivated and thus learn successfully.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine and I am committed to being an approachable and professional teacher who creates a positive, supportive and fruitful learning environment. I look forward to being the best teacher I can be!

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Experienced Teacher
May 2015 - May 2018
- September 08 to Present – Teaching Assistant/LSA –
“Select Education”, “Vibe”, Hammersmith.

Initially, I started building on my teaching experience by working in a variety of settings; in moderate special needs schools, in severe special needs schools and also in nurseries.

From November 2008 to July 2010 , I worked in a primary school as an LSA. Here I worked on a one to one basis with a 7 year old boy who had learning and behaviour difficulties. I also worked as a teaching assistant in a Year 3 class and taught additional maths to 7 children using the '15 minute box' .

In April 2010, I decided to start an “Eco (after school) club” for a group of 17 pupils ranging from 7 to 11 years of age.
The aim of this club was to raise awareness about the present environmental concerns and empower pupils to help care for their World through fun activities.

I now understand how to create a good rapport with young learners by being positive, caring and encouraging. I have learnt the importance of being alert at all times to any potential hazards and being aware of each child’s individual needs.

- January 08 to January 09 - Event Management Assistant -
“P.O.P. Creative Events”, London Bridge.

As part of this Corporate Event Team, I was responsible for the efficient management of the business administration. My role included customer relations, banking, taxation, web design, IT procedures and liaising with venues and clients.


-April 10 to July 10 – “Eco Club” after school Club –
Whilst working as a T.A in St Stephens Primary school, I decided to start an “Eco club” for a group of 17 pupils ranging from 7 to 11 years of age.

The aim of this club was to raise awareness about the present environmental concerns and empower pupils to help care for their World. Each session included art / music / media /games / drama / I.T and dance activities.

At the end of the summer term, “Eco club” presented an Assembly to the whole school to show all the different activities and learning they had been busy with.

- October 07 to August 08 - Salsa Society President -
Due to the lack of officers to keep this society running, I volunteered to take over, thus becoming the president of the ‘Cuban Salsa Society’ at Sussex University. This involved liaising with Salsa teachers to plan classes, organising venue hire and pricing, organising 'socials' and maintaining ongoing contact with Society members.

In March 08 five members and I performed two dances at the ‘Culture Festival’, Brighton Dome.

- July 07 to September 07 - Prison and Children's Orphanage, Mexico -
Prison Work

This work placement, where I taught English to a group of 12 women inmates, brought me many new challenges. Within the class there were varied levels of ability as well as an unusual dynamic of mood and morale. Teaching skills needed to be complemented by an awareness of the psychological difficulties the women were experiencing due to imprisonment. An essential aspect of my teaching related to empathy, encouragement, understanding and respect. I was always aware of offering positive support (1 to 1 classes) for their individual needs where possible. Overall this created a fruitful learning environment where the women began to value themselves and to experience motivation to learn.

I prepared my classes very thoroughly using interactive and creative approaches with effective communication skills to make sure each person engaged.

I also arranged social events such as dance workshops and tea parties to give the women a chance to 'let go' a little and enjoy themselves.

Orphanage Work

In addition to working in Ixtapa prison, I also chose to volunteer part time at the orphanage ‘Santa Esperanza’. Here my role included making sure the children were safe at all times, preparing food and drinks, organising interactive activities, cleaning the premises , washing the children and changing the babies , teaching English , getting the children ready for bed and helping with fund-raising .

- September 06 to June 07 - Spanish teacher -

During this time, I volunteered to give Spanish classes at a local high school. I carried out listening, oral and written exercises. At this school I learnt the need to be assertive yet patient in order to retain the students' concentration, as well as the need to establish a mutual feeling of respect to create a good rapport.

While at University I formed part of a Language exchange programme. This involved me teaching Spanish to a group of 7 Japanese students. These classes were mainly focused on oral exercises due to the students' request to improve their spoken fluency.


May 2018
September 10 to November 10:
International House London:

September 02 to June 04:
Chichester College of Arts, Science and Technology.
A Levels:
Spanish (A), French (A), Health and Social Care (B).

September 99 to June 02:
Chichester High School for Girls.
French (A*), Spanish (A*), R.E (A), English (A), Geography (B), Mathematics (B), Food technology (B),Graphic Design (C), Science (C).

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