Passionate empathtic teacher

I am a teacher of 25 years’ experience, primarily in the field of Special Needs. I have a passionate belief in unlocking the hidden talents of the students that I teach through a variety of methods: teamwork with all stakeholders; academic pedagogy and professionalism; my own personality and finally setting myself up as a role model for the students to aspire to. Once that talent has been unlocked, it then needs to be nurtured to allow it to blossom to its full potential.

I have been successful in this through my main attribute, both academic and personable of being able to empathize with the students that I teach. For the main part as mentioned earlier, many students that I teach have individual needs which need to be addressed on a one by one basis so that they can reach that potential. This is achieved through reaching out to the students and the parents at a level that can be easily understood and developed further and more that the students feel comfortable with. It is difficult to achieve an academic outcome if you approach the student and the subject just academically, through all these years of teaching, what works is personality first. Not in the sense of just putting on a show, but in the sense of the students recognizing that you are working with them not as a student, but as a person with a name and a background and a talent waiting to be unlocked which maybe they do not even realize they have.

In the above I have been successful both academically and also with the student as a whole. In fact the latter has been more satisfying professionally than the former, you follow a student for 5 years and help them grow and develop as a person ready for the challenges that the outside world throws at them. Moreover I have set myself up as a role model in the volunteering work that I do and also my passion for travelling the world. The students have also wanted to know more about my journeys and I use this as a motivating tool to encourage them to work hard and see the world for themselves.

This year after 13 years at John Gray High School, I have decided to challenge myself even further professionally by embarking on a new educational journey, the world of TEFL. To prepare me for this and also to challenge myself personally, I embarked on a Charity drive called the Mongol Rally which takes place from July to September This basically involved driving an old small engine car from the UK to the other side of Mongolia without any outside logistical help whatsoever once you started. 20 countries and 17,000 km later I successfully achieved my own personal goal while raising money for Charity.

Now that this has finished, I feel that I am ready to take on this new challenge and look forward to discussing this further at interview.

Last Resume Update October 5, 2019
Address Halesowen, United Kingdom
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John Gray High School, Cayman Islands
Inclusion Teacher
Aug 2006 - Apr 2019
To support the academic needs of those students who are deemed to have specific individual needs.


West Sussex Institute of Higher Education
Joint BA History and Geography
Sep 1978 - Jun 1989
1978-1983: Hagley R. C. High School, Hereford & Worcestershire
• ‘O’ levels: English; Maths; Chemistry; Geography; History; Art

1983-1986: Halesowen Tertiary College, West Midlands
• ‘A’ levels: History (C); Geography (E)

1986-1989: West Sussex Institute of Higher Education
• BA Hons. (Joint) History / Geography, Class 2:2

1993-1994: University of London, Goldsmiths College
• P. G. C. E. Sec. Edu. Geography

1997-1999 (p/t): Kingston University, Surrey
• Certificate: Education (Special Needs)

2016 - 130 Hour TEFL course (pass)

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