English Literature Teacher, Translator and Writer

As a language professional, I can craft the translation and creation of texts and other multimedia material from an experienced teacher’s perspective so that the reading and active use of those texts produce the desired effect. Thanks to my professional expertise gained from the fields of translation, education and science, and built on more than 12 years of continuous work, I can help take English and Spanish texts to the next level.

My graduate studies include both a university degree in English<>Spanish Translation and in English Language and Literature Teaching and university courses in Astronomy. I also have postgraduate studies in Comparative Literature and Spanish as a Foreign Language. I currently work as a translator, content creator and teacher. Last but not least, I am part of a research group at the National University of La Plata, Argentina and my focus of study is the translation of Children's Literature made by women translators.


I am convinced that every project, involving either the translation or the creation of a text from scratch, should be conceived in a way that is analogous to how a writer creates a story:

  • There are characters who will interact with each other: the text producers, the translators, the readership.
  • There is a setting (the context!).
  • There is a plot: the initial negotiation, the making of the text/ translation and the final (happy?) deliverable to the audience.

Thanks to my diverse profile in linguistics, education and science, I may play the role of many “characters” as I work, depending on the case.


I believe that everyone has the right to see themselves in the stories they read once in a while and this is of critical importance when it comes to texts aimed at English Language Learners. No creativity can be added to a text without diversity. Being fully aware of that, I can give birth to that original and context-appropriate blend you may need to add to your next project!

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