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I would like to apply for the on line teacher’s position as advertised on your website. First, a little about myself. I was raised in western New South Wales, Australia, where my father was Deputy Principal of Schools for thirty five years. My mother was a Dental Nurse before she married. My grandmother's cousin was Sir Henry Bolte Premier (Governor) of the state of Victoria in the 1960's.

You are now wondering, what can I bring to your community and your on line school? Well, your leaders aren't just looking for a teacher. They can employ a locally born, foreign educated teacher who is both English and local language speaking, so why would they want to employ me? They are looking for someone who will create a positive domino effect in the tourism trade, create new waves of migration and opportunities for your people. The pen friends I have found for my students in the past in English speaking countries has done this. I have almost ten years international teaching experience. I have supplemented core curriculum with post cards, English music CD's that students like, bought with my own money. The effect has been very much appreciated. For example, the small town of Cerro Azul, Veracruz, Mexico, had a Chinese festival not long after I arrived, having taught in China. The community from my previous school in China were probably curious about where I was in Mexico. Now, I hear about students learning Spanish after English because it is widely spoken in the United States.  English First School in Harbin, Heilongjang Province China, ABC Poza Rica, Mexico, and ELC School South Korea would speak of me favorably. I try to provide above and beyond student expectations, by bringing the language to life, giving it meaning and creating real life social experiences. Other schools such as Jungchul School in Korea didn't fulfil their part of the contract, falsifying incompetence so they wouldn’t have to pay for the airfare at the end of the contract, so I wouldn't bother contacting them.

Currently, I am volunteer teaching at the Indooroopilly Uniting Church on Thursday afternoons. There are two academic hours, 1.30pm and 4.00pm. There is core curriculum from a book published by the church, but supplementing the material with popular culture magazines, newspapers and periodicals is encouraged. The students are different each week. Unlike a commercial franchise school, it seems to be whoever turns up first gets to choose their teacher. So, far I have taught students from China, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, and Korea.

I haven't printed my University of Phoenix post graduate certificate, because it seems a jealous of my resume administrator at the Shellharbour Salvation Army recruiting centre hacked into my account and was apparently fired when I studied it. I didn't want to print my certificate at the local Wollongong printer, after this experience because I feared this might happen again. But if you call the University of Phoenix, they can verify I was a student. Here are my student details: Michelle Josselyn (IRN:9046305630 Overview of Linguistics BLE/506  1/28/2013 Tutor: ANDREA PARTSAFAS (Married name?), ANDREA DABBS. For time zones go to:www.timeanddate.com click on MEETING PLANNER and type in your city and Phoenix. Their academic day finishes at 4pm.

This is relatively new on the education market, and although it was online study the course did include out in the field research where I had to interview local foreign people, who might have been international students from the University of Wollongong. I can provide examples of my assignments if you wish.

 I am interested in language and culture on a personal level and in the passing year I visited the Chua Phap Quang Vietnamese Temple at 12 Freeman Rd, Durack 4077, the Logan Bosnian Islamic Centre, 2674 Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plaines 4113, an Emirates linked Sikh temple in the same neighborhood. I have been out to Sunnybank to see how Chinese people live in Brisbane. I am Christian but respect all faiths. I believe we have one world but different messengers to teach us how to behave.

My TESOL certificate from 2002 would be considered obsolete today. I completed this course in December 2002 in the conference room of the IBIS hotel in Melbourne. It included online components and lesson planning. My certificate has been misplaced. I have made repeated attempts to get a replacement certificate but to no avail. Peter Appleton PhD who was in charge of the course at the time has left the L.A.T.I.E company. There have been complaints on the internet from other graduates, if you google it, about not being able to get a replacement certificate. Having said that, I have almost ten years teaching experience, with a variety of text books including Pearson & Longman, Cambridge, Headway and in company franchise books such as EF, curriculum and school philosophies. I have taught all levels of English except for years Kindergarten to third grade and pre-TOFEL. So you might choose to assign early childhood learners to another teacher.

My hobbies include listening to Bandcamp app, going to concerts, (Oztix.com.au and QPAC) and making Ceramics, and when I enrol in a course. Sometimes I use music to teach fluency in class. For example, Lenny Kravitz "Believe" and Yolanda Adams "Believe" songs and Jimmy Barnes. Sometimes I teach national anthems because students have to sing the national song to pass the citizenship test to live in an English speaking country. Providing the music doesn’t have explicit language, is age and level appropriate, and has a moderate tempo then I will choose it for class. Also, I feel that if I don't stay current with what students like, they might feel I don't care about them. As well, I feel that if students are sincerely interested in language they study they will attend concerts from that culture.

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Indooroopilly Uniting Church
Volunteer English as a Second Language Teacher
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Jun 2019 - Jul 2019
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