Achives: relaxing

By Monika Salita
@monikasalita or About Monika

Teaching in a metropolis? Relax and regroup by getting back to nature.

By (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Some teachers thrive in large urban metropolises, enveloped by a city that is constantly alive and buzzing. Other teachers relish living and teaching in the peace and serenity of a smaller, calmer town.

I personally, enjoy big-city living, energized by the lights and sounds and the hustle and bustle of society, partaking in everyday living. Sometimes though, even the most enthusiastic of city dwellers needs an urban escape to get away from the constant buzz of cars, trains and the dramatics of the city in order to experience the calm of nature in the form of birds chirping, insects buzzing and waters rushing by.

Even in a sprawling metropolis, there must be a slice of nature that a harried teacher can visit in order to relax, clear one’s head, straightened out thoughts, and return to city living refreshed.

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