How much Cash can I Make while Teaching English Abroad?

By Helen Hargreave
Guest blogger from

How much Cash can I Make while Teaching English Abroad?

Being a TEFL teacher will not make you a millionaire, I repeat, you will not be stacking up on Gucci; this is no millionaire-creating career.

However, you will earn something much more valuable – the opportunity to live and work all over the globe doing something which is both stimulating and rewarding. PLUS (yes, there’s more!) you will meet some incredible people along the way – and have a bed to crash on in various far-flung destinations for your future holidays! Score.

Wherever you end up, the amazing opportunity available to you is a given, but if it’s cash that you’re interested in then that all depends on the country you pick. You have to take into consideration the standard of living, what the country’s currency is worth and also, your own spending habits. When you’re searching through TEFL Job opportunities make sure to understand that what may seem relatively little to you could actually be a pretty comfortable salary in a different country. Bottom line, it is all relative!

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