Get noticed by accredited schools and employers

If you’re a TEFL job seeker, posting your CV on the TEFL Jobs World site is a great way to get noticed by TEFL schools and employers, and helps make the TEFL jobs come to you.

When you post your CV, it immediately becomes available to accredited schools and employers who are subscribed to our private resume database, and they can then contact you directly.

Help remain in employers’ minds for future roles

The schools may find that your skills and experience match the jobs they’re currently recruiting for and therefore encourage you to apply. They may also discover that you seem to be a great fit for jobs they’re yet to advertise for, and give you the inside scoop on what’s coming up.

You really will remain on file and at multiple schools

Our private CV database makes it easy for schools and employers to hang on to your details. What’s more, as you gain more skills and experience, you can easily update your profile and resume and tell all the accredited schools on our database about it at once.

Are my personal details safe?


Your personal details and information will only be available to the Directors of Study of accredited language schools, who we have personally vetted. These subscribers will also only be able to access your details through our password-protected database, and for the duration of their subscription.

Do I still need to apply for jobs if I’ve posted my CV?


While it is a great idea to add your CV to our private database, if you think you are right for a specific job, it is important to let the school or employer explicitly know that by sending them a considered job application.

Find out how to apply for a TEFL job, or browse our worldwide TEFL job listings.

Should I post my resume if I want to apply for a TEFL course?

If you would like to apply for a TEFL course, there is NO need to post your resume.

The TEFL Jobs World resume posting service is designed for teachers who have:

  • successfully completed a TEFL course
  • hold a TEFL qualification
  • are looking for work

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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